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Nov 3, 2008 02:40 AM

Sushi near Oxford Circus?

Could anyone reccomend any good sushi restaurants near Oxford Circus?
Thank you.

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  1. Sakura is very close to Oxford Circus. Very brisk and brusk service. For more neighborhood-y, go down to St. Christopher's Place and then head north to Marylebone Lane and go to Tomoe.

    For fancier, go down to Tottenham Court and go to Roka. Roka is pricey, but very very nice. Fancy.

    1. Somewhat close is Kikuchi. On the pricey side, but very carefully made food with an artisan's touch.

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        Thanks for the responses...i think we'll head to Tomoe as there seem to be alot of other posts on it.

      2. I found a great restaurant only a couple of days ago. If it's value you want, this was excellent for lunch. We had a choice of about a dozen "meals" for only £6.50. This consisted of soup, 5 salad dishes, your choice of main dishes or sushi selection and a simple dessert. The main dishes we chose were great - and plenty of them so I guess the sushi would be good too.
        Nara, 9 D'Arblay St, (off Berwick St). W1. Tel 020 7287 1110

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          Kulu Kulu Sushi on Berwick St is worth checking out - only a five minute walk from Oxford Circus, and very fresh sushi.

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            Isn't Kulu Kulu on Brewer Street?

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                sorry! Yes, Brewer St (I always get those Soho streets mixed up despite working there for years).The Japanese supermarket there is also worth checking out

          2. Defune is about a 10 minute walk from Oxford Circus. It's one of the best sushi places I've found in London.

            De Fune
            34 St George St, London, Greater London W1S 2, GB

            1. Soho Japan in Noho
              52 Wells Street, London W1T 3PR