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Nov 3, 2008 12:55 AM

Signs of the Times

Stopped by the Salford Pub tonight with John to grab a quick beer before a big shopping trip at Hennings and it was dark and locked up. We got a coffee at Hennings instead and the guy working the coffee bar told us it closed a few weeks ago and that he knew someone who worked there. The former employee said the closing was very sudden and shocking, and that the owners had just had enough she was told. Also noticed when grabbing a hoagie on thursday night at the Lee's in bluebell that Bourbon in that same shopping center was closed for good. There was a sign on the door thanking all their customers. My take on it for what it's worth (maybe two cents) is that these are very tough times for small businesses.

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  1. I am not surprised about Bourbon. The last time we were there, the food was terrible. I had ordered the Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. When the server put it down in front of me the stench from the shrimp was overwhelming! I thought I would toss my cookies! I sent it back and passed on ordering anything else.

    I had also heard the owners were trying to get out a year ago, then decided to try and make a go of it. Also in that same center, it looks like Gianni's might have changed hands. Our last purchase from them was a large gift basket and it was a huge disappointment. Many of the items in the basket were on the verge of spoiling.

    I understand so many businesses have to cut back during this tough economic time, so I try to be understanding. I draw the line when it comes to food.

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      I'm glad I never tried Bourbon. The Salford Pub was interesting and I am surprised they decided to pack it in. I loved their non-smoking section divided by a glass wall so that you could still feel like you were part of the bar scene. The two flat screen tvs, not so much. Salford Pub seemed to be a family pub, during dinner time and even later whole families would go there which was always nice to see. It was clean, well lit and a great place I imagine to relax with a drink but still bring the kids. I rarely complain about service, partly because I was a waitress for a time and I was not very good at it! But Salford Pub had the most annoying pattern with their servers. And this was over a period of years with all different people. They were all very nice and friendly but they would check back way too many times during a meal, like six or so, and then disappear for quite awhile so it was very hard to get more food or drink or the check. So frustrating. I learned to just walk over to the bar and ask the bartender if I needed anything else. I think it was because most ot the people working ltheir seemed to be around the same age and got along with each other very well which is a good thing but I believe lead to way to much chatting in the kitchen, or outside the kitchen door in back during smoke breaks. Funny it never felt like a manager was there, and I went at all different times. But I'm sorry to see this small business go, it was a real community place and Harleysville residents will likely miss it a lot.

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        Actually, I believe there was a divorce involved. the same person owned Gianni's and Bourbon.

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          Oh. That will do it. Guess we can't blame the economy for everything.

      2. What about Agave Grille in Ambler? Does anyone know what happened? We tried to go there about 6 weeks ago, they were no longer on open table, so I called only to find the number disconnected. Are they out of business, too?

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        1. re: Hellolaura

          Yes, I think so. The sign out front says closed for renovations, but they are out of business. I am really disappointed. I'm not sure if you read the Ambler Gazette but there was an article about it last week. Apparantly one of the co-owners is crying "sour grapes" with his partners, the landlord, the employees, etc. I am sure it was a case of mis-management, which is a shame because I liked it when the original owners had it. Anyway, I heard that there are a few restaurants interested in the space (it is a great location and great renovated building). Hopefully something good fills that space!

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            Aw man. I was meaning to get to that place. Okay this thread is starting to make me really sad. What idiot started it? Doh!

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              I ran into my neighbor yesterday and she said there are new owners and the restaurant will re-open.

              1. re: crazyspice

                That is great news. Any details? Will it be the same restaurant or a new concept?

                1. re: AmblerGirl

                  Didn't really get many details. She seemed really sure it would open as a mediterranean resto.