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Nov 3, 2008 12:13 AM

Best Italian in Hong Kong?

I live in HK and want really good Italian for my birthday this Saturday: any recommendations besides Gaia and Cinecitta?

Dor tze!

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  1. You should have posted this on the China Board. Anyway, there's been some recs from CHs on the best Italian in HK, from Da Domenico to Tuscany by H.

    1. Hong Kong Italian restuarants, especially the high-end hotel ones, frequently invite Michelin star calibre guest chefs, all the way from Italy, to cook in their kitchens for a short period of time. This being the case any restaurants such as Grissini, Angelini, Sabatini can tranform into HK's best overnight! One can always call up the restaurants and enquire about the credential of their 'current' chef. Barring this, Da Domenico seems to be THE FAVOURITE amongst CH, especially their scampi or clam dishes! However, IMO, it is way overprice! HK$500 for a plate of pasta! Whether they have adjusted their prices in light of the current global financial tsunami, I'm not sure!
      Happy chowing and Happy Birthday!