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Nov 2, 2008 09:19 PM

worthy take out in Sunnyside or LIC ? After 9:30pm or weekends?

Besides De Mole in Sunnyside, anything worthy for takout after 9:30pm or weekends? Thanks for the help.........i haven't tried Mangal (turkish place?), what is good there that travels well............thanks.

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  1. The best thing at Mangal is the doner kebab, if you request it on homemade bread.

    The Lebanese grocery store, El Shater, is open until midnight and has a changing selection of prepared food.

    The taco trucks on Roosevelt/52nd and Queens/40th Pl (?) are very good and open late.

    Natural Tofu is open until 11pm I think. I like their soybean flavor soondubu (Korean spicy silken tofu soup).

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      agreed on Natural Tofu. I also like the korean "pho" (if you have a hankering and need to stay in area). The whole octopus is great, but will make your house stink.
      I am Thai delivers pretty late as well. I haven't had a dud on their menu, yet.

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        I second the taco truck on Roosevelt and 52nd. I actually look forward to coming home late from work as it gives me a solid excuse to hit this truck on the way home.

        Also, El Rey del Tacos on 49St and 43Ave is pretty good. I think they're open til at least midnight.

      2. Mangal is my standby for takeout when it gets late. I adore their lentil soup, and the kebabs are fantastic (but call ahead, it takes quite a while). Otherwise lots of places close pretty early. Maybe Pio Pio Riko? I'm not sure what time they close but always good for delicious, cheap takeout and I'd be surprised if they aren't open til at least 10.

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          thanks for the suggestions, tofu isn't my thing...so I'll pass on that one. Question about Pio Pio Riko, how does it compare to Pio Pio? Because I pass a Pio Pio also on way home, but they have raised their prices recently and reduced their portions on takeout, so wondering how the quality and portion size at Pio Pio Riko compares? --I am Thai sounds like a good option as it is hard to find a Thai place open late..how is their green curry, any comparison to Srip's, or I am hoping for too much? How is the chicken kebab at Mangal? And do they have any good eggplant salads there? thanks for the help!

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            Pio Pio is undeniably better, but not as cheap (or close). We usually get 1/2 chicken + 2 sides and it's about $10 or $12 for two people. It's pretty delicious, even if it's not the best out there. I also like that it's generally quick for takeout -- I'm often in & out in 5 minutes.

            What else ... I like the chicken kebabs at Mangal a lot. Either the sandwich (with the homebread) or the platter. They don't pre-cook them, which is why it can take forever, but it's also why they are so good. Never dry or anything. I don't remember about an eggplant salad but they must have something. I really like the shepard salad which you can get with feta too.

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              Janie, I remember that for the first few years in Sunnyside I have avoided Natural Tofu because of its name - I'm not crazy about tofu either, but then I read about it here and now it's been one of our favorites in the neighborhood for over 5-6 years. They do indeed make some tofu soups (that are fantastic, very flavorful, thick and hot - amazing on a cold night) but I love their LA Galbi, BBQ squid, BBQ chicken, scallion pancake... really, didn't have a bad thing there. Well, I'm not crazy about their version of pho, is a bit too watery for my taste and not enough meat.
              If I'm not mistaken they close at midnight everyday.

              Mangal has eggplant salad but they might run out by the end of the day. Do try their house flat bread, it's really really good.

              I'm in complete agreement with Catherine about Pio Pio. I think they close later than 10, maybe 11 pm.

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                I did the very same thing - avoid Natural Tofu because of the name - and it's become one of my favorites too. The soups are good for two meals if you dump the rice in with it, and the LA Galbi is one of the best dishes you've ever smelled. The scallion seafood pancake is pretty rockin' too.

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                  Just wanted to add that I'm addicted to Mangal's lahmacun. It's absolutely incredible - paper thin, it folds but is crisp, and the meat is spiced just right. And! It's only $3. I keep thinking about it every day, that's how much I love it. Who needs pizza anymore?


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                    Second that!

                    This is my favorite thing at Mangal. I fill it with the salad and then pour yogurt and hot sauce and fold it up. It becomes a giant turkish taco. Sooo good.

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                    Where is Natural Tofu ? Been in queens a very long time but never came across this place ?

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                      Queens Blvd. at 39th St. Next to the supermarket.

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                    Pio Pio Riko is not all that great--ceviche is not fresh, overly fishy tasting; meats in sopa a la minuta also a bit old, and the chicken tamal that I had last nigth (a Thurs) was the oldest, driest, overbaked thing I've ever seen/tasted in my life!

                    1. re: zemilideias

                      ditto re: ceviche at pio pio riko.

                2. Since you mention LIC- I highly recommend 5 Star Punjabi at 21st st. and 43rd ave (just south and west of the QBB). Incredibly flavorful and cheap South Asian food, the place is open into the wee hours, and it's a fun as hell experience picking up an order of cholley pishori and dal makhani at midnight in the underbelly of the universe. Seriously, though, the dishes are well-spiced and bright - I know that latter term doesn't help, but it's what comes to mind when I compare 5 Star Punjabi to comparably priced places in Manhattan (where the food is often dull, gloppy, heavy). I recommend malai kofta, saag paneer, the aforementioned pishori and makhani.

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                    I completely agree with 5 star. Late night or sunday afternoon snack of choice...a paper bag filled with pakoras and a mango lassi.

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                      I go on weekdays for the all you can eat lunch. Just raised the price from 8 to $9. Comes with sizzling Nan direct from the oven. The buffet doesn't change much and I've never ordered off the menu. Will have to try

                      The buffet always has as tandori chicken, and chicken tika masala. Those are the staples. Then they rotate the following everyday. Saag paneer, dal makhani, and some other dishes. A lamb curry which I dont love. Some kind of mashed spinach which I really like. There's a cauliflower and potato in light curry. A dish of spicy black lentils which is good, and there's another chicken dish in a lighter yellow curry.

                      On anyday there are usually 6 - 7 choices

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                      Much better than 5 Star is Roti Boti which is nonetheless just outside LIC,
                      north on 21st St. in Astoria, near coner of Astoria Blvd. It's fragrant, but admittedly greasy, S. Asian taxi food prepared by Bangladeshi's with Mexican nan bakers in the back. I recommned especially any of the okra dishes. It's about same price a s 5 Star and now has a large seatinng area which
                      doesn't match 5 star for faded diner decor (more like nursing home
                      cafeteria!) but allows one to eat in. Take out is favored by the long lines of taxi drivers and black car guys who make up the place's major clientele.

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                        YES! 5 Star Punjab is easily the best Indian place in the LIC/Astoria area. Truly authentic and delicious. The buffet is a great deal. The Kofta curry may be my favorite. Yum.....

                      2. Also, Tangra Masala (Indian/Chinese) on Queens Blvd. is pretty decent (though not as good as the original Tangra at Grand Ave. adn Qns Blvd

                        1. What about that taco truck on 46th st?