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What brand of pan is this?

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Can anyone recognize the brand of this pan that the shrimp is being cooked in, I would love to get this pan. Thanks!


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  1. Looks like it's just a generic saute pan from a restaurant supply store.

    What exactly has you so excited about that pan?

    1. Looks a lot like this saute pan. Deeper than a fry pan and straighter sides.


      1. it looks much like a calphalon or all-clad stainless steel saute pan, it is definitely is a saute pan

        1. Why don't you email Ryan (who posted the story) and ask him?

          Just what I would do, mind you....


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            Yeah, he clearly needs to hear about Chowhound.

          2. Yep, I have one similar at home from Tramontina, though I don't know if that is the brand in the pic. His pan may actually be a bit smaller than my 5qt, but it's still just a straight-sided saute pan in stainless steel. Mine has a heavy aluminum disc in the bottom and no such cladding in the sides, which, for almost all uses of such a pan, is probably fine. (Cladding in the sides would cost more.) Hard to see a particular appealing look in those pics, but maybe that's just me. :-) I don't see how there would be much functional difference between similar pans of this type, so brand wouldn't be too important apart from handle design or something.

            1. Could also be this:

              (Although I don't know why Kmart calls the piece an omelet pan, when it is clearly not.


              As someone previously mentioned, contact Pastor Ryan--he seems like a good fellow who would be happy to help you.

              1. It looks rather like an odd-missfit "Winsor style" spun aluminum fry pan, with some inverted (trough) style riveted handle. It doesn't look professional IMHO. (A poor attempt to look professional IOW)