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Nov 2, 2008 08:15 PM

Goose Island (and other) Beer in Seattle?

I know Goose Island is a Chicago beer, but I fell in love with their 312 wheat beer when I visited a friend, and they don't export to California.

Does anyone know if Goose Island beers can be found in Seattle? I'll be visiting this month and would love to be able to find Goose Island even though I know there will be plenty of other local brews to sample.

Speaking of which, what are the most popular local brews? I'm interested both in places to go drink and eat and six-packs to pick up and enjoy with Thanksgiving dinner. My preference is for wheat beers like Hoegaarden or Fransizkaner Heff, or something with a bit or coriander or bitter orange peel in it. TIA

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  1. do'nt know about Goose Island specifically, but try calling the store Bottleworks (on 45th in Wallingford, a couple miles north of downtown). For beer drinking/eating with a Euro/Belgian tilt, try Quinn's (Pike and 11th)

    1. I think I've seen Goose Island at Cost Plus around here. If there's a location convenient to where you'll be staying, I'd give them a call.

      1. Not sure about Goose Island. You can also try 99 Bottles in Federal Way if Bottleworks can't help you. I seem to vaguely remember seeing Goose Island somewhere (it may have been in Portland), but it is dependent on if they have a distributer in Washington.

        As for local brews, if you like Belgian Style beer, check out Brouwers in Fremont. There selection is pretty amazing and they do carry a pretty extensive collection of Belgians.

        1. hello Pei,
          As of Nov. 15, Goose Island is now shipping their Bourbon Bourbon County Stout to three states here in the west: Oregon, California and Arizona. This is a massive stout so I'm not sure its style will be right but it may be worth a try now that it's in California. I am in Portland and it's here in specialty stores like Belmont Station. I have read BevMo carries it as well...more info and spottings in the forum and article here:

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            Thanks! Maybe now that Goose Island has a contract with places like Bevmo I can strongarm my local branch into distributing the 312. So good!