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Nov 2, 2008 07:24 PM

Where to find high end cheeses and cured meats (PHX)

Hi, we live in the EV, but my husband works up in Arcadia. We're constantly trying to find places to find high end soft cheeses - Humboldt Fog, European creamy cheeses - and really awesome cured pork and beef products (Prosciutto, Coppa, etc). Currently we just hit AJ's but am somewhat disappointed in their selection. We also stop by LGO on 40th St - they have a few good ones.

Are there any other REALLY great delis, or high end small markets where we can get this kinda stuff?

Thanks so much!

EDIT - For that matter, what restaurants have the best cheese or meat plates? My GF's and I like to stop at Caffe Boa (Tempe) for cheese & meat, and sometimes I drag my neighbors or husband to Cork (Chandler) for cheese and wine. I recently heard Quiessence (sp?) had a great cheese selection but am unsure if this is at the restaurant or sold retail?


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  1. Maggie, Whole Foods in Chandler has a pretty decent cheese selection. I've heard that the Tempe WF has an even better cheese dept. The Chandler shop usually has Humbolt Fog (as well as my new fave from Cypress Hill, Truffle Tremor), Rogue Hill cheeses, at least 10-12 assorted bleu's (Roaring 40's, various rocquefort, last trip I found a bleu from Beaujolais), various ages of manchego, gouda, etc.

    I've given up on AJ's as their cheese selection has really tanked.

    1. hi maggie,

      my current favorite place for cheese is cheuvront - they actually have a frommagier who knows his stuff. they have a small but respectable selection, including the omnipresent and tasty humboldt fog.

      Cheuvront Wine & Cheese Bar
      1326 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      1. Hi Maggie,
        I had been wondering the same thing myself.... When I google 'cheese shop Phoenix' I come up with Cheese N Stuff (which I think is a sandwich shop based on previous posts) & Duck & Decantur. Anyone have experience with either?
        I'm currently shopping for cheese at Whole Foods in Tempe. They have the best selection I have found.
        Isn't there a cheesemonger's wife that can point us in the right direction?

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          cheuvront's is the only place in town who's hired a frommagier. they have a great selection, albeit focused, of high end fancy pants cheese. there is no cheese shop in town. at least not for now

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            Duck & Decanter is a usually good (ridiculously popular) sandwich place with a decent wine cave. They do have some fun meats and cheeses (as well as other "gourmet" grocery items), but they wouldn't be your best bet for true cheese shopping. They are worth a visit - tho I'd not recommend trying to get in there around noon on a weekday!

          2. I agree - great cheese at Cheuvront.

            Also, this isn't local - but Artisinal Cheese in NY just lowered their shipping rate; for example, up to $75 is only $8.99. They have a well-organized website and 200+ cheeses to choose from. For a recent Italian dinner party, I ordered Caciotta, Taleggio, Gorgonzola Piccante, and Toma Maccagno. Shipped overnight and packed in a well-insulated package with cool packs, for $8.99 my first-time shipment included a free sample (French banon) and a $15 gift certificate.

            Regarding salumi, the last time I was at Whole Foods in Scottsdale and asked about items they didn't carry (bresaola, prosciutto cotto, etc), they suggested checking a place called Guido's. I haven't been yet, however.

            Artisinal link:

            Guido's Chicago Meat & Deli
            10893 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 121, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

            1. There aren't any really good cheese shops here....not a big fan of Cheuvront. Maybe I'll go back and give them a second chance...could have been an off night. Their wine and cheese festival is Saturday afternoon.

              If you are going to ship in...try Valley Wine and Cheese. It's the best cheese shop we've found in the southwest. Owned and operated by a knowledgeable couple....great salume and gourmet items as well. Or just stop in if you are headed up to Vegas....thats what we do.'s usually worth the trip just for the store...there is a great resort/spa down the road and we make a weekend out of it.

              I also second Artisnal Cheese from NYC. Great caliber cheeses...wonderfully skilled are just not able to see the cheese before you buy it...but I trust them.

              If we planned on staying in the Valley longer than we are...we would def. open up a shop.


              Valley Cheese & Wine
              1770 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Las Vegas, NV