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Nov 2, 2008 05:39 PM

What to do with leftover foie gras

I just bought about half a lobe of foie gras today. Now I pan-seared a 100g. piece of it, served with Pied-de -Mouton mushrooms, drizzled with duck "glace", I have another 100g. piece for tomorrow but that leaves me with a small 40-45g. piece coming from the end of the lobe.

I now need ideas of what to do with it. How could I incorporate it easily in a dish, can I just dice it and sear it quickly? What would you do with it?

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  1. Sear, salt and slice and add to a roast beef sandwich. Use good beef and bread, of course!

      1. Carefully wrap it in wax paper, then into a zip-top bag and remove the air from the bag, then freeze it and send it FedEx to me.

        I promise you, it's the absolute best thing you, or anyone else, can do with foie gras--leftover or not.

        (Note this is perfect for conscience-stricken buyers of foie gras who feel guilty about their purchase. I will cheerfully absorb any possible negative karma to no hurt to myself through my advanced spiritual healing and karmic redistributive techniques.)

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          He he. I like your answer the best.

          For the OP -- I would just sear it and serve it with some reduced balsamic vinegar -- quick and easy. I actually am not crazy about incorporating it into other recipes because I want to really taste the foie gras.

          When DH first moved to NYC, he told me he purchased an entire lobe of foie gras and ate it in two days with just a plain sear.

        2. Put chunks in the middle of your best hamberger recipe

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            Pan sear it and smear on a saltine... while waving to the little people out your front window.


            (of course part two of that recipe is not strictly needed, but according to some of my vegan friends all of us foie gras lovers are pompous /greedy / uncaring louts)

          2. How about spread on a couple slices of really good, well toasted bread with a honey-balzamic glaze drizzled on top?