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Nov 2, 2008 05:39 PM

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings?

We are recent transplants from NYC who are craving our favorite vegetable dumplings. Are there any decent places in Philadelphia (preferably in the South Philadelphia area) that make handmade vegetable dumplings?? I used to buy bags of frozen dumplings at a little stall on Grand Street in NYC and miss them immensely. Any tips are appreciated.

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  1. Cafe De Laos at 11th and Washington has veggie dumplings that I enjoyed

    1. You can get frozen dumplings in any of the grocery stored in Chinatown, and I'd imagine the big Asian supermarkets on Washington. They certainly have them at the vegetarian Chinese restaurants (New Harmony, Singapore, Kingdom of Vegetarians), and they are made to order at that dumpling place that got all the press lately, but they took over 45 minutes to get and were really bland. They also have them in Korean restaurants, including the two Tampopos. Thank you.

      1. My favorite handmade dumplings in Philly are the ones at Hong Bao, 11th and Race. But I don't think they have vegetable ones. I also liked the ones at Dumpling House, for all of the 5 seconds they were open. Try Dim Sum Garden? everything I've had there was handmade.

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          Oh yeah, dim sum garden has huge steamed vegetable dumplings, very good. Thank you.

        2. Zhi Wei Guan, aka Magic Kingdom of Dough, at 925 Race (the spot formerly occupied by Dumpling House) has good vegetable dumplings, not as salty as at Dim Sum Garden. Black mushrooms, carrots, vermicelli. They are on the menu as your choice of pan-fried or in broth (beware vegetarians, it's chicken broth), but steamed is available if you request.