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Nov 2, 2008 05:34 PM

Evaporated Milk - WTF in Toronto ?

Our church group is making a recipe calling for evaporated milk. I have purchased condensed milk which I notice is regularly stocked at Loblaw's and elsewhere, but don't ever recall seeing evaporated milk., which I believe is a less sweet product made by a different process.

Does anyone know where I might find it in the GTA, preferably mid-town or downtown, although Oakville-Mississauga-Etobicoke is also an option. Thanks !

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  1. I've seen Carnation's evaporated milk at the usual grocers (Loblaws etc etc) in the usual 'baking ingredient' aisles.

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      Many stores sell Grace or Mr. Gouda evaporated milk in the ethnic aisles.

    2. Perhaps you might inquire at your local grocery store. It has been my experience that evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk are usually stocked in the same area of the supermarket. Sometimes I find them in the baking section.

      1. You can always to go any Asian supermarket, like T&T downtown. As HSz suggests, check out Carnation's evaporated milk.

        1. Evaporated milk is stocked just about everywhere. It isn't sweetened at all, but is sweeter than regular milk because the sugars are concentrated. You definitely don't want condensed milk.

          1. Pretty much always in the baking aisle right beside the condensed. The stock boys are always a great help (if you can find one) they may not know what it is used for but they will know where it is.

            I bought some on the weekend at Food Basics.