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Nov 2, 2008 04:21 PM

Heart-healthy choices in PDX

We're flying into PDX the end of November and will be looking for somewhere for dinner.
I'm doing the "no salt, no red meat, no animal fats" thing and would like veggies, protein, whole grains.
The guys are "steakhouse" types.
Toss in "quiet and pleasant" while we're at it.
Suggestions, please?
Many thanks.

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  1. Higgins is exactly what you're after. Steak for the guys and no salt, no red meat, no animal fats for you. You'll love it.

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    1. re: chefguy

      I checked out their website - looks pretty fancy.

      1. re: momadamsa

        The restaurant is somewhat fancy (although it is quiet and pleasant). If you'd like it to not have white linen tablecloths, eat in the bar, where you can order off the same menu (although it is less quiet). You might still call it fancy, but it is a bar. Being a bar, there are no underage patrons allowed, and no reservations.

        1. re: momadamsa

          Are you looking for casual? You need to specify.

          1. re: MichaelG

            Sorry, I'm new at this.
            I think we'd like simpler fare that time of night.

      2. I haven't been for dinner but Mother's Bistro might work.

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        1. re: MyNextMeal

          OMG it looks perfect!
          And not far from the hotel.
          We'd need a reservation for a Saturday night, which is tricky with airplanes and all...
          Thanks for the suggestion.

          1. re: momadamsa

            Pause is a family restaurant, great hamberger, various steak related dishes (cubano sandwhich, phili steak sandwhich) and best homemade black bean berger I have had anywhere. Portland vibe perfect for tourists.