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Nov 2, 2008 04:17 PM

Looking for Sausage on a Bun like the old Bernhardts in Square One

I have been really missing the sausage on a bun from Bernhardts since they closed approx 10 years ago. Have been to many places - Brandts meats included and have not been able to find the same flavor. Any ideas?

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  1. you might want to try the Blue Danube sausage house in etobicoke, http://www.bluedanubesausagehouse.com i found thier sausage to be quite good more meat and less fillers. its best to get there about noon for thier hot table. also try the schnitzel as well.

    1. Not sure what you're after. Brandt supplied a lot of the meat products Berhardt's sold. Try Starsky.

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        Thanks for the replies - we have no problem finding the sausage and bringing it home - but can't find the buns and would rather go and have it for lunch than bring home. Will look up Blue Danube.

        1. re: juliewong

          I worked at Bernhardts through high school and can confirm that our sausages were from Brandts. I believe the buns were from Dimpflmeier bakery.

      2. Denninger's - everything there is to die for - and has been for decades!