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Nov 2, 2008 03:36 PM

preserves - naming names - moved from Home Cooking board

what brand of preserves do you find stand out from the others in their taste and quality of ingredients across all flavors? if there's a big difference across the fruit selections within the brand, please say which you use for these flavors/fruits:


the average supermarket has a billion varities and i'm not sure which to buy for desserts like jam thumbprints, raspberry bars, rugelach, etc.

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  1. "e.d. smith " brand in every category.

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    1. re: todao

      I've never heard of e. d. smith jams. Do regular super markets carry them?

      1. re: Plano Rose

        E.D. Smith & Sons Ltd. Winona, Ontario
        We find it locally only at Grocery Outlet but haven't found it at any of the major stores.
        Their products are available on line:
        If you're interested in pursuing it.

    2. My original post here nominated E.D. Smith Triple Fruits spread, a Canadian product, but later learned that, although I had purchased them in the US for a long time, they were no longer being shipped to the US. Today I learned that COSTCO will be carrying these products (I had a sample of their newest fruit jam - Black Cherry/Raspberry/Blood Orange) and picked up a 40 ounce jar of it. For those who asked where they could buy this product, COSTCO is apparently the only US outlet handling it at the present time. Great stuff ....

      1. Sarabeth's is a nice line ... I like their preserves partly out of enthusiasm for their pumpkin waffles with honey, sunflower seeds and sour cream at their Manhattan restaurant location, Sarabeth's Cafe.

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          I really like Sarabeth's too. Another good one that's easy to find in grocery stores where I am is Bonne Maman. I know the OP didn't ask specifically about it, but just for the record, their damson plum flavor is especially delicious.

          Both brands are mostly made up of chunky fruit with just enough of the jelly stuff to bind and good enough to go at with just a spoon. I haven't tried cranberry preserves by either (and don't know if they make 'em).

        2. I usually go with Hero.

          1. The best I've ever had are frin Briermere farms in LI.
            My favorite is the strawberry jam with small local strawberries throughout. Plus, I love the ingredient list: srtawberries and suger, nothing else. All the jams and jellies are very pure tasting.