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Nov 2, 2008 03:10 PM

Alison Two (Fort Washington) - Anyone try it yet?

title says it all

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Just curious what are the prices for the new place? At the old place we would spend $100.00 for dinner but it was a BOYB too. Now with the drinks they are making from scratch I am wondering how much they go for. We are going there soone to try it, I think Alison seems like such an interesting chef/restaurant owner. I read all her blogs and alot of thought and planning went into her new place.

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          Well the Dark and Stormy was 10 dollars.. but some cocktails are less. They have a nice wine list with by the glass going for about eight dollars a glass and up. I think there are some happy hour specials.

          Food prices seem same as Blue Bell.

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          1. My husband and I went last night. We sat at the bar and had an amazing experience. We almost didn't go because my girlfriend went and hated it. It's kind of weird how many people are having such different experiences. We loved it. Started with a great drink called the Derby - their take on a mint julep. My husband had a white burgundy followed by their house red both of which were excellent (my husband is a total wine snob). The bartender Dave was very friendly and even bought my hubby a beer. We had the shrimp papri chat (spelling?) and the fried oysters both were wonderfeul. Then we had the tuna sliders which I am dreaming about and the lamb chop with chick pea puree - heavenly. We skipped dessert but the menu had our mouths watering. We will definitely be back. As a matter of fact I am going to lunch there this week - can't wait!

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              In response to the comment from christie21 about so many people having such different experiences I would like to offer that while it is awesome to be able to say that you ate at the "newest" or "hottest" spots, it is often many months before a team of cooks can come together and "gel." I find it promising that many people have had such positive experiences so early on. That points to the underlying talent of the employees that will soon overcome opening jitters. I often feel that we as hounds are unfair to new restaurants by judging so early on only one visit. The best restaurants are the ones that correct common mistakes early and move onto greatness.