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Nov 2, 2008 02:07 PM

Butcher in Bay Ridge

I am in search of a butcher in Bay Ridge. I have been using the butcher on Ft Hamilton Pky in the 70's, but I'm curious if there are any others. I'm also in need of a good place that sells fresh fish (I've been going to a place on 3rd by Bay Ridge Ave, but they usually don't have much of a selection).

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  1. The place is loved for fish was closed down due to violations this week. Chef with Sole. That was a very good place. I went to a place on 5th around 80th Street this Friday and the fish was good.

    There is a butcher on 3rd Avenue between 86th and 87th street (not the place on the corner). It is next to Estia Greek restaurant.

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      Thanks, I may try that butcher this week.

    2. I've been going to Frank and Eddie's on 75th street for years. The meat is fresh and if you don't see what you want, just ask - if they've got it in the back, they'll cut a piece for you right then and there.

      I always thought the fish place on 3rd was over-priced and not very good - still going all the way to fairway for fish.

      I tried that place on 5th between 80th and 81st and was not thrilled - the guy cutting my fish cut a piece a good 1/4 of a pound more than I asked for and then got pissy when I told him I didn't want the extra - at $20/lb, that's a pretty pricey mistake for me to have to pay for.

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        I agree completely about the fish. I had seen raves in many different places about Chef with Sole and the two times that I went, I was not pleased with my purchase.
        I have been to the butcher across the street but was not wowed. I have to admit that between Fairway and Costco, I get my shopping done.

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          I like Frank & Eddie's as well although I used to get most of my Deli meats/cheeses from the German Butcher shop on 86th and (I think) 3rd. The name escapes me. When I spent more time in Brooklyn, I used to get my custom cut meat from the Butcher shop next to, and owned by the same family that owned Embers Steakhouse. Expensive but excellent quality and very personal service.
          Once the Norweigen fish place on 3rd closed (They had the best fish EVER!) I used to get very fresh fish from a fish market on 5th Ave and about 77th St.

        2. The best and most reasonably priced seafood in southern Brooklyn is Sea Breeze II. Corner of 18th Avenue and 85th Street, directly under the "D" train. You can also take a bus down 86th Street to 18th Avenue and you'll be one block away.

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            Hellas, the Greek specialty store on 4th ave and 87th street, has an excellent butcher. Highly recommend their lamb chops and all their kebabs. Also, the butchers at A&S Pork store on 5th and 87th and piazza mercato, at 3rd ave and 92nd, are also great.

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              Great butchers/fish:
              -Patty's on 7th avenue and 78th street (they make a mean pork burger in the summer)
              -Richard & Vinnies on 86th and 3rd for meats
              -Robicelli's on 86th and 3rd for deli meats (they carry Applegate Farms in bulk, no hormones or nitrates. They also carry grass-fed steaks, but you have to ask for them)
              -Chef with Sole- they were only closed for a few weeks, and it was for a permit problem, not anything disgusting. I've always been pleased with their quality, and they've special ordered stuff in for me before. I'm also a fan of their po boys.