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Nov 2, 2008 01:54 PM

Is it too early to start thinking about cookies?

With the recession, it looks like I'm giving everyone cookies and candy this year, in lieu of gadgets and gizmos.

Last Christmas, I did vanilla and chocolate spritz, shortbread, chocolate covered marshmallows, cardamon marshmallows, and caramel. I also made cocoa mix, with a little cayenne and more marshmallows.

The spritz were great (I really think this was because I used top shelf butter), but the output of my gun makes such a small cookie, it takes a long time to fill the whole cookie sheet, decorate, repeat.

What is everyone else making? Any suggestions for a good bottom layer filler?

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  1. It's never too early to talk cookies! I am going to bake Lebkuchen (great bottom layer, and people seem to really like them), sugar cookies, and Russian teacakes (I'm not sure that is the accurate name, but that's what Mom always called them). My mother, and by extension my sister and I always make a lot of cookies. When my mother was alive, friends and family would call our home around Dec. 19 or 20, itchy to receive their cookie trays that they knew my Mom would give them.

    1. Never too early to start planning (the stores would have you think it's already Christmas heh) check out the Cookie-Paloooza thread:

      1. I give cookies to coworkers as gifts. Last year I gave chocolate chip cookies with milk and white chocolate chips and walnuts. This year I'm thinking of giving brownies, maybe with white chocolate chips and crasins. I know I won't have a lot of time to bake this year, so I'm thinking brownies are easier than cookies.

        1. Never too early. We give Christmas baking as gifts and I sell it to co-workers. Will probably start very soon. Good thing the freezer is fairly empty now, cause it will start to fill up fast.

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            Sooeygun: Do you freeze the dough or the finished cookies?

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              I freeze the finished cookies in tupperware. There are a few things that I do in smaller batches as I need them, as the don't freeze as well, but almost everything I make goes in the freezer, shortbread, macaroons, lemon cheesecake squares, other bars and squares and on and on.

          2. I usually make at least four or five kinds, but package them inidvidually (colorful takeout containers, coffee mugs, holiday sandwich bags), so I don't really use a base layer.
            On the list this year:
            Chocolate Chips
            Pecan Sandies
            Oatmeal Rasin
            Chewy Ginger Cookies
            Hello Dolly Bars
            Bourbon Balls

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              I've never heard of a Hello Dolly bar. What is it?