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Nov 2, 2008 12:28 PM

New Whole Foods in Union/Vauxhall

Have been there a few times since it opened on Wednesday. It is huge - around 60,000 square feet. It is beautiful and roomy, and all the corporate WFM folks were there to make sure all is running well. Lots of friendly, helpful staffers - let's hope THAT lasts, It has a rotisserie station like the one at Columbus CIrcle, and I am already hooked on the herbed turkey breast. The breads are very good, too, particularly the walnut wheat, which is great with cheese.

This place replaced the now-closed Millburn store. It's twice as big, much brighter and easier to navigate (although huge) and I really am happy to live within 10 minutes of such a place. I miss NYC less and less as places like this open in NJ.

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  1. I agree that it's nice to have a store like this available when needed, but I would certainly rather have a "Fairway Market" (the one in Manhattan as opposed to Ft. Lee) available to me on a daily basis. Whe I lived on the upper west side, "Fairway" was my neighborhood grocery store, and I still miss it.