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Breakfast in North OC

We're looking for a good weekend breakfast spot anywhere in North OC.

Our usual places are Arthur's on Harbor in La Habra, or Polly's Pies in Fullerton. We like the Original Pancake House in Anaheim but don't like to wait that long. Heroes in Fullerton is not great for breakfast and serves way too much of it.

Prefer homey type places, not chains.


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  1. We have always enjoyed the Blackboard Bistro in Seal Beach on PCH. Great omelettes and awesome homefries.

    1. Schooner or Later in Long Beach is Awesome!! Right on the water in the Marina. There is a huge line during the weekends though. But if you have never been, you gotta go!

      Schooner Or Later
      241 N Marina Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803

      1. The Jagerhaus, on the 57 and Ball Road.

        1. Our go-to used to be Kimmie's Coffee Cup. There are two locations: Fullerton on Commonwealth near the airport and Brea on Brea Blvd (btwn Imperial & Bastanchury, next to Arco). We like the food there, but the service is hit or miss (more miss than hit). There's usually a wait on Sundays for good reason: the food is solid. Our preference was the Brea location only b/c it's closer to home.

          Also in downtown Fullerton is Branagan's the "Irish" pub, Stadium Tavern (similar to Heroes) and the Brownstone Cafe (the last two are in the same building. All are good, but Kimmie's is a touch better; the three in downtown Fullerton have better service though.

          Branagan's Irish Pub
          213 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

          Kimmies Coffee Cup
          770 S Brea Blvd Ste 115, Brea, CA 92821

          Kimmies Coffee Cup
          1605 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

          Stadium Tavern
          305 N Harbor Blvd Ste 128, Fullerton, CA 92832

          The Brownstone Cafe
          305 N Harbor Blvd Ste 115, Fullerton, CA 92832

          1. I gotta tell ya,, The harhour house cafe !!!! its been there for about 30 years, get there b4 9am and you wont have to wait, 6 egg omeletts and very homey, pch in sunset beach, warner is the closest major street

            1. Yes, Jagerhaus. Great food, great prices.

              Believe it or not, the ihop in La Habra does a fantasic breakfast. It is crowded, so get there early.

              Table Ten in downtown Fullerton is okay (just don't get their so-called French toast)

              1. Harbor House Cafe on PCH in Sunset Beach is as close to a Diner ambiance and menu as L.A. Area has. Checkout the menu on the link below. The chil is outstanding with chunks of beef in it. If you are not early there will be a line out front but at least they have some free coffee out threre while you wait. Do request a table or booth in the front section. The rear section has no ambiance at all.


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                  Speaking of the chili, I had a great chili omelet here a few months back. Highly recommended! My gf had the french toast and loved that as well.

                2. I love The Chili Pepper for the Champagne Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. They serve wonderful Mexican food and the brunch comes with chips and great salsa, fresh fruit, your choice of entree (great omelettes), a small pastry dessert, and all the Champagne you can drink. If you aren't into the Champagne, they have fresh fruit drinks. The place is really pretty and the service is great. Great low prices, too.
                  The Chili Pepper
                  167 S. Main St. (just south of Chapman Ave.)
                  Orange, CA 92868
                  (714) 639-2840

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                  1. re: nolanani

                    Thanks for all the recs!

                    Harbor House Cafe looks really good - we'll have to give that one a try. I must say I have never seen steamed spinach on a breakfast menu before. We don't usually go off in that direction, as we live in Fullerton, but there's no reason not to.

                    We have passed by Jagerhaus on our way to somewhere else and have never stopped there. That one looks interesting too.

                    I have been to Kimmie's in Fullerton once, and I'm not sure I could ever go back. Breakfast was, how can I put this...really bad. Limp greasy bacon and slimy eggs. And there were flies flying around everywhere. Perhaps they were having a bad day? or not.

                    Branagan's was a disappointment. Poor service, so-so food. And they didn't have any ketchup. They actually sent an employee out to the store to buy some, but didn't bother to tell us that while we sat there and waited for it and the food got cold.

                    Anyway, thanks to everyone and please add more to the list.

                    1. re: YvonneLC

                      Our visit to Kimmie's in Fullerton was a one-timer only; we go to the Brea location and were curious about the Fullerton spot. Brea's the nicer one. No flies, limpy bacon or slimy eggs there.

                      My favourite stop for egg-less b'fast is chow favourite Cream Pan in Tustin (great OJ & coffee) & dim sum.

                      1. re: YvonneLC

                        We went to the Kimmie's in Brea a couple of months ago--probably the worst breakfast we've ever had!

                        Branagan's and the restaurant in the Villa del Sol (forget the name) were also both disappointments.

                        I didn't know the Olde Ship in Fullerton served breakfast--on Saturday only?

                        1. re: Funwithfood

                          When was your visit to Brownstone Cafe (in Villa del Sol)? And how was it a disappointment?

                          Granted, our visit to Branagans & Brownstone Cafe were once each, about a year ago and ok; but not what I call disappointments.

                          1. re: OCAnn

                            Oh yes, Brownstone Cafe. It was a Sunday morning and the service was horrible--we sat forever before our order was finally taken, then even longer to be served our food, which was mediocre. The food was a lot better when we used to go (about 10 years ago). Maybe it was an anamoly, but the waitress didn't act as if it were.

                            Branagan's was just okay--not bad, not good. But it's been a few years--perhaps it's better now?

                            We went to Table Ten a couple months ago--wasn't bad (accept the so-called French toast). They have an all you can drink champagne option for $3.95 (I think), which I enjoyed...then took a nap!

                            Ironically, the best breakfast is at the ihop on Imperial and Idaho in La Habra...who knew?

                            1. re: Funwithfood

                              It's sad that while downtown Fullerton is rife with restaurants, most range from just good to meh.

                              I've been to Table Ten for lunch & dinner and haven't been compelled to try their b'fast. I guess I'll stick to my favourites.

                              1. re: OCAnn

                                The only thing Table Ten does exceedingly well is their sticky toffee pudding--one of my favorite restaurant desserts! (Their brunch is cheap enough to make it competitive price-wise with any coffee shop--so no loss in giving it a try.)

                                BTW, have you tried some of the newer restaurants in Fullerton; the tapas place, the sushi place, etc?

                                1. re: Funwithfood

                                  Yes, I liked Table Ten's Sticky Toffee Pudding...but I like The Olde Ship's (TOS) more. TOS serves theirs with "pouring cream" (my guess is half & half) instead of ice cream.

                                  I've been to Lizzaran a half dozen times since they opened this summer. I find it good, but not great. It really doesn't have a Spanish atmosphere and the service is okay; the combination of it all makes it a place to go if you (1) live in the neighbourhood and (2) feel like trying something new. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/533332 -- LIZARRAN, Fullerton (not-so-brief review).

                                  As for Sushi Momo, I've liked them since they were in their old location across St Jude's. The reviews here are mixed. While I find the food really good, the service suffers particularly at the tables (it's not so bad @ the counter). Owner/itamae Suzuki-san doesn't mind making rolls (his spicy tuna is good), while the new addition (an older itamae from Tokyo who speaks English well) disdains serving anything but (nigiri) sushi ("we have fresh sashimi!"). The latter also dislikes serving gaijin/American style rolls and mutters so under his breath (which I find amusing). Anyway, if you sit at the counter (waits during the summer were over an hour) and order sushi and rolls (depending who your itamae is), you'll enjoy your experience. If you sit at the table, well, you might not be convinced to go back.

                                  Also, while there are better sushi-yas in OC, Sushi Momo is a solid neighbourhood sushi-ya. I like the drape/cut of the fish and the fish to rice ratio. The rice is good too; a bit warm (as it should be) and rolled tight enough (but not too tight). They don't have the variety of Maki-Zushi nor the old-school simplicity of Shibucho, but it's solid and I like my relationship w/them.

                                  BUT, since I like Kimmies (but not their service) and you don't, you'll want to take my assessment/taste with a grain of salt. =).

                                  EDIT: I might as well add that my favourites in downtown Fullerton are TOS (though i've noticed a bit of a downhill trend), Ruta's & Sushi Momo. The Cellar is good too, but if I'm going to spend that kind of $$$, I might as well go to Napa Rose. Our other go-tos in north OC are Taps Seafood, El Farolito, Pho 88.

                                  1. re: OCAnn

                                    Thanks for the info. We haven't been out much (since babysitter moved). What do you recommend at Lizzaran? (BTW, do they make Sangria--love the Sangria at Cafe Hidalgo--speaking of them, how are they of late?)

                                    We used to like The Cellar but the last time we went, the waiter walked right by us (an EMPTY restaurant-- 1 foot from us) without acknowledging us...it was surreal. The Bartender, just a few feet away ignored us also. After about 7-10 mins, we left.. I wonder if the new owner got rid of the old, non service-oriented staff.

                                    Does The Olde Ship serve breakfast on both Sat & Sun? We used to go often when we lived nearby--but it gets crowded so you have to get there early.

                                    Have you been to the Pho restaurant on Euclid in front of the 99 Ranch Market? I love their brisket version--nice broth.

                                    Lastly, I recently went to Dry Dock fish on Commonwealth just west of Raymond--great fish, great prices. They sell mostly to chefs, and you have to go in through a side door--and peruse the walk-in refridg. He's not open on weekends.

                                    1. re: Funwithfood

                                      Lizzaran: their pintxos is a good way to start (and what we usually have). We've had a few of their menu items (but not lately) and the most memorable was their rib steak. Mr OCAnn has had their sangria and thought it was good/okay. One colleague in particular who hosts a lot of out-of-town guests often brings them here; she loves their paella (which I've never tried).

                                      The Cellar: We've been twice in the past year and liked the service. We found it professional and attentive. However, we sat in the main dining room and not the area adjacent to the bar.

                                      TOS: I believe they're open for b'fast on Sundays only.

                                      Pho near 99 Ranch: never been. But Ten Ten Seafood does a decent dim sum & has a great dinners.

                                      Dry Dock: We've been there a handful of times, and EACH time, they've been closed. So I gave up trying to get fish from there. I guess I'll make another effort in the near future. Thanks for the heads-up/reminder.

                                      1. re: OCAnn

                                        Re Dry Dock, they are now open Tues-Fri 9-5 pm. (They look closed--you have to enter through the side door!) Tell Sam (the Owner) that the gal who does food photography recommended you--if you buy a good amount, he might bring the price down. :)

                    2. the olde ship in santa ana and fullerton has good breakfast.

                      saturdays my buddies and i go in for english breakfast: baked beans, banger, mushrooms on toast, fried eggs, and bacon. topped off with a pint of ipa or boddingtons. its a cool atmosphere and im there a soccer game on it makes the place pretty lively early in the morning!

                      1. There's also a great sandwich shop in Brea that serves b'fast (which I haven't had): Alicia's (http://aliciasinc.com/alicias/breakfa...


                        Alicia's Too
                        590 W Central Ave, Brea, CA