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housewarming menu - am I missing anything?

I'm having a housewarming party for around 50 people next Saturday from 3-7PM. I scheduled it in the middle of the day to avoiding having to feed people around meal time. But, I'm having a last minute hesitation about not having enough food. Here is what I have so far:

** Sausage in puff pastery (Ina's recipe using pork sausage instead of lamb) - I have enough to make 4 times the recipe

** Rosemary popcorn - I'll make enough for at least 3 refills in a large basket

** Large cheese tray w/ grapes and crackers

** small bowls of nuts

** Pan fried onion dip with chips and various veggies (enough for refills)

Do you think this is plenty for my non meal time party? Considering it is 50 people - in and out for 4 hours??? Should I add one more item? If so, what?

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  1. I think you need a couple of more items. 50 people is more than you think and you can't be sure how much everyone is going to eat.

    What about adding:
    grilled vegetables on mini skewers
    small bowls of marinated olives
    pita chips and hummus
    stuffed mushrooms

    Maybe I'm going a bit overboard, but I'm always worried about not having enough food. I usually make tons more than I need but I like giving peolpe choices.

    1. If it's people with kids... you kind of are straddling dinner time.

      Add some meat products in with your cheese tray... sausages, salami etc.
      Add some olives and dried fruit in bowls around the house.
      Add a big cookie/brownie platter or two

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        Only 2 kids at most...

        How about I'll add:

        Hummus in endive
        Edamame w/ sea salt


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          I like the suggestion to add meat products (salami, sausages, etc) to your cheese tray. Hummus and pita chips is a great addition. Homemade crostini w/ a slather of butter, slices of prosciutto and a shaving of parm reg cheese would be easy too. Or crostine w/ tapenade and the parm cheese too.

          50 people is a big crowd. AND the old catering rule to live by: It's better to have too much rather than not enough food. :-)

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            edamame are a bit complicated.. kinda awkward to eat.

            maybe serve hummus with chips and veggies and use the endive to hold a different dip. you can make a room temp roasted pepper and artichoke dip/spread and fill the endive with that.

        2. Maybe add some more protein? Chicken satay? Perhaps add another dip or two to your vegetable platter, like guacamole, hummus, baba ghanoush, white bean, muhammara. Hard salami is always a hit with crackers and a thinly sliced baguette. I like dill havarti with meats as grapes. Shrimp cocktail is also good and fairly cheap for a crowd if you buy frozen shrimp.

          1. I definitely think you need more food. More of what you're already planning, and a few more items.

            1. i think a platter of sandwiches would be good - tea sandwiches or just party size sandwiches. it's easy, everybody likes them, not messy, and will fill the hungry ones up.

              1. I think you need more food too.

                How about a spiral ham (Costco's is good) and you can put that out on a platter with some mini rolls and little bowls of mayo/mustard?

                1. Sorry but if I received an invite for an event from 3-7 I'd think there was dinner...at least in my circle of friends.

                  I'd 2nd/3rd adding pita & hummus to your onion dip & crudites and perhaps a soup - butternut squash or another smooth soup - hold in a crock pot and serve in mugs for easy sipping.

                  1. Wow, 50 people is alot of people and between those hours, I would expect a meal of some sort.

                    I would definately buy a couple of trays of deli meats and cheeses, and skip the cheese and crackers. And have small rolls for sandwich making, will go a long way. Perhaps a bowl of apples, (that you can refill a couple of times), which are fairly inexpensive this time of year.

                    What about making some bars, like pumpkin or raspberry and coffee?

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                      Perhaps my post was misleading. This is something to stop into anytime between 3-7. I highly doubt many will stay for 4 hours....

                      Good ideas though! Thank you!

                    2. Just to give a different perspective, even between the hours of 3-7, I would NOT expect dinner. It's a housewarming party, it's not necessary. The 4 hour span is to allow for everyone's schedules. I would expect a few snacks, a few glasses of wine, and a tour of the new place.

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                        ditto, I"m with you - people generally come for short visit when it's an open house. If you are feeling unsure, then adding slices pepperoni to your cheese tray would be an easy addition and a block of cream cheese with pepper jelly is always nice too. Hummus would be easy to put out too - keeping with your nibble theme.

                      2. Your menu is fine, no need to complicate it by adding more items. You don't really tell us what your amounts are so it's tough to say definitely it's enough or not enough, but you would not need more things, just possibly more quantity.

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                          >>I highly doubt many will stay for 4 hours....

                          You'd be surprised.

                          I'd vote for more dessert, and coffee. Gotta have coffee.

                          Since people will be coming and going, have you thought about cleanup? Will people be walking around and eating?

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                            Esp if a lot of people in the invites know each other...so and so will stay until so and so comes...oh can't leave now I have to see another so and so.
                            I do not think it is enough for fifty and you do need something sweet and coffee.

                        2. I had a what i call a "fork free" open house last year for the holidays, and I had about 50 people coming and going for what was supposed to be 4 hours (3-7)but turned out to be much much longer. i had 3 hot and 3 cold appetizer plus cheese and cracker and nuts and veggies. but what was really the best idea was that i got a ham and rolls and mustard....people made their own sandwiches and it really rounded out the food selections. i think i had deviled eggs, endive with goat cheese and a candied nut, mini ruebens, mini crab purses, scallops in bacon, cold tortellini on skewers to dip in pesto. don't forget sweets. i had very few leftovers.

                          1. In my area, grapes have been on sale for .99/lb. Very little prep other than rinsing and breaking them into "bunches" of 4-5 grapes each. Spanish olives and since you're already doing puff pastry............ Make small "buscuits" (2" dia") and fill w/chicken salad or pimento.