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Nov 2, 2008 11:42 AM

Syogun on Woodbine - AYCE

Has anyone eaten there?

A few websites describe it as the ne plus ultra of AYCE Japanese, but nary a peep at Chowhound

What's up with that?

Thanks and origatou in advance


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  1. No posts in the last year, but there were several in past years....redo your search expanding the time period. I was only there a couple of years ago....not that impressed then with the service but the food was ok, although nothing special. I had to look up the definition of "ne plus ultra".....Syogun certainly is not that.

    1. I used to go there regularly a few years ago. Their food was better than average, but the service was terrible and I found the restaurant kind of dirty. Besides general uncleanliness, the walls had dried splashes of sauce on them and it was never cleaned. If they couldn't be bothered to wipe the wall then what type of effort are they putting into cleaning the kitchen? Try Yang's Kitchen on Hwy 7, just east of Warden. Their service is pretty bad too but the food is very good.