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Nov 14, 2003 01:17 PM

Restaurant with private room for baby shower

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Can anyone recommend a nice place for a Sunday baby shower. The mom to be has requested that it be a restaurant where we can have our own private room or section.

Anything on the westside or west hollywood/hollywood area or anywhere in between would be great.


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  1. s

    I like Il Moro.

    Another idea is to get one of the private rooms at The Peninsula Hotel and do afternoon tea. One of my bridal showers was there and it was terrific.


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      wow i'm a dog

      i threw my sister a baby shower at shutters on the beach in santa monica - it was great. we had it in the handlebar room, which overlooks the boardwalk and the beach. i'm not sure what's up with their redesigned, not-so-user-friendly site, but don't judge the hotel by that. contact dianne greenberg dilenna, catering manager and she'll hook you up. she's fabulous. good luck and happy shower!


      1. Off-Vine (on Leland in Hollywood, near Vine and Sunset) has a private room upstairs. the restaurant is in an old bungalow on a side street. i hv only been there for brunch, but EVERY time i've been there for brunch there has been a private party going on upstairs, usually some kind of shower.

        i love this place for brunch. great menu with a lot of variety, but somehow not totally all over the place. every single thing i hv ever had has been very very tasty. great, relaxed atmosphere. i hv not been for dinner, but i know others who like it. if you search this board, you'll find out more about the menu, food, what others like.