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Nov 2, 2008 11:07 AM


Drove by the new Parkside on Harford Road north of Moravia yesterday, and it was open! Anyone been?

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  1. I haven't been...yet. But the menu is posted at

    1. We went in- didn't eat, but had a glass of wine and a beer. They are filling a wonderful need- a place for someone with kids to get a bite or a beer (without bringing your kid to a bar).
      There is a fenced off play area for kids with a sofa and several tables. I can see actually EATING DINNER out with my husband!

      It looked like the deli wasn't open yet, but I think it is supposed to next week.

      1. Had dinner at Parkside tonight. I have a pretty mixed opinion, although I really wanted to love it.

        For starters, the children's area take up a decent portion of the dining room. There were children everywhere. Parents of small children will likely see this as a huge bonus, but we weren't too fond of it.

        On to the food...I think there is potential. My husband had the coddies and he enjoyed them. I had the vegetarian paella and was not impressed. The dish was very monotonous both in flavor and in texture. It wasn't satisfying at all. In fact, I came home and ate a Joe Corbi's pretzel dog!

        On the way home I passed Clementine's and Hamilton Tavern and found myself wishing that we had gone to either one instead of Parkside.

        I would be willing to give it another try if others have better experiences. Especially since they just opened.

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          I was also a bit traumatized with the children's play area, and we only had drinks.

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            I had dinner there last night also... where to begin...Got there around 7:15 and ordered a bottle of wine... which we got around 7:45. We place our order... and waited... and waited... and waited...1 hour passes and someone comes over to tell us that they ran out of gumbo (yeah, I guess so since an HOUR has passed) but no mention of when our food was going to arrive. So then we started watching people that came in after us getting served their food... so we ask the waiter how 3 tables of people who came in after us (one table had probably only been sitting for 20 minutes) were eating already. He doesn't even reply except to say he was going to get the manager. Our best guess is that they totally lost the ticket and we were just bypassed many times over.

            The staff was very nice and apologetic... i believe one of the owner's came over as well as he paid for our second bottle of wine - which was a nice gesture. The waiter we had however seemed a bit clueless. When I asked what the soup of the day was, all he said was Gumbo. Which is one of the soups they always have. I just assumed since they just opened they hadn't gotten around to making a second soup. So I ordered the gumbo. However when a different waiter came to tell me that they ran out of gumbo he asked if I would like a substitution and listed 2 other soups. Also a waitress who brought our second bottle of wine struggled severely with the corkscrew and broke the cork not once but twice....

            Our food seemed to be pretty good... however we were on our second bottle of wine on an empty stomach so who's really to say. We shared a Scampi Flatbread, the house salad which was quite nice. It comes with acorn squash, beets and goat cheese. Although I am not sure I saw any beets come to think of it. We also got a cheese plate that was average.

            I agree with ronandaim that we were wishing for Clementine or Hamilton Tavern also. We usually go to Hamilton Tavern on Friday nights but wanted to give this place a shot. I am sure will will try it again when everything else is up and running.

            Oh, and I am also in agreement with the children's area... Very big and oddly placed... with these incredibly tacky plastic palm trees sitting in the middle of the dining area. The place is strange in that it starts out very cool looking with a stuffed chairs and bookcase sitting area and just gets stranger and stranger the further back you go...

            my two cents!!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I went yesterday at about 1pm...decided to sit at the bar. There were 3-4 other tables of people. I asked about beer, and the woman recommended an Anchor Steam, which I had. (not bad, but not Resurrection, which she said they normally have). I ordered the smoked salmon platter. Someone came out and asked what kind of bagel I wanted as they were out of the plain. I got the meal, and the salmon was pretty fantastic. I was told they smoke it in house. It came on a bagel that was small and seemed homemade, with red onion, capers, and a slab of cream cheese, along with a caesar salad. Although there could have been more dressing on the salad, everything was tasty. The only complaint were the rock hard boxed croutons...
              As they are just beginning, I will give them a good grade for what I had.
              Now for the space. If you took out the furniture and bar, you could have a Ravens game in there! It is huge! Also, I am not a fan of kids areas, but recognize that they are needed. However, I think a wall, even if only of curtains, would cut down on the noise, which was earsplitting! The only other minus IMO, was the market place in the back. It is also large, with a great expanse of checkered floor, and fluorescent lighting that completely changes the atmosphere of the whole place. I did go back to look and saw some wonderful braised pork and roast beef, and some wonderful looking potato salad. I loved the little seating are with lamps in the front as well, but that children and market area really detracts. I will go back again, but give them a few more weeks.