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Nov 2, 2008 10:58 AM

Trapeze (Maple Lawn) Closed??

Rumor surfaced this week that Trapeze might we went last night for dinner to get another bowl of Crisfield Seafood Stew. Engaged a young manager-type in a conversation and he said that they were "talking about it". Supposedly the owners, in an attempt to reduce cost, tried to get the landlord to "take back some space" - the restaurant is so big.
Dinner was slightly different - and we were definitely looking for "signs". The bread was not the suberb multigrain stuff they usually serve. The stew (off of the bar menu) was a smaller portion than in the past. Plenty of patrons in the restaurant and bar.
Got a call this morning from a friend who is connected to one of the employees - and the employee had just received the call that Trapeze closed after last night. Can anyone verify????
This is a shame for eaters in Howard County...the food was reliably good, it was a great "neighborhood place" and much more reasonable (and better service) than the Oz. Chophouse across the street. No doubt the economy has factored into this in a big way. The upscale development surrounding the retail center has certainly slowed down....although Trapeze surely drew from a larger radius.
Same people own the Bluestone in Timonium....maybe they'd consider finding a smaller place to open up in the Howard County environs when things get better...we can only hope!

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  1. Well, they're not taking online reservations and they don't answer the phone, so I'd say that it's more likely than not that they're closed.

    1. It's a shame if they are indeed closed. i would much rather have sen he overpriced & under staffed OZ close the doors.

      1. It looks closed. I just drove past, and Trapeze was dark.


        1. That's too bad. 2008 hasn't been a good year for Howard County restaurants. Add it to the casualty list along with Fire Rock Grill, Blue Cow Cafe, Bun Penny, Rocky Run and Soto's Grill. (and those are just the ones I can think of)

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            The Rocky Run in Columbia has closed? That is a bad sign...that place used to be packed.

          2. Unfortunately the recent slow-down in the economy has caused places like Maple Lawn to severely scale back their building. Their original plan was to have 7 office buildings built by next year - there are 3, one of which is barely occupied and they are not planning to build any more. Add to that the unbelievable rent that they charge in Maple Lawn and a huge place like Trapeze just can't make ends meet in this economy. Unfortunately, this is probably just the beginning.