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Nov 2, 2008 10:04 AM

Dick and Jenny's

I took my group to Dick and Jenny's a year or so ago. We like the food a lot but, unfortunately, the feeling that you're eating in somebody's garage took the food down with it. I know it strives for the cutesy aspect, but does anyone else agree that the level of good food here needs an equally nice environment in which to enjoy it?

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  1. Where did they seat you? We ate in the front dining room which I found to be quite charming. I agree, though, that when you enter on the side it does seem a bit garage-like. Maybe the size of your party necessitated that? For me it's about the food and the feeling there that trumps the atmosphere. In the spirit of disclosure I will say I only ate there for the first time three weeks ago (as a CA tourist...) but the 4 of us were very happy witht the food and the service. As a bonus, it's around the corner from Tipitina's, so if you wan't to extend the Bon-Temps, it's a stumble away. Adam

    1. You have to get there prior to opening to be seated in the plate (front room). Sitting in the back is an entirely different dining experience which, I don't care for either. Unfortunately later diners are seated where ever tables have turned. It's luck of the draw or wait a bit longer for better seating.

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        Thanks, Jazzy, I see... yes, it was a corner table in the back, by the kitchen (we were a large group.) Too bad that was our first impression. I'm trying to convince my group that the food is worth another trip but it'll be a hard sell.

      2. Yes, I agree. But you and I are in a minority. In New Orleans, a restaurant's comfort and design are not serious considerations for the vast majority of people -- locals and visitors alike. Even when a restaurant owner spends a lot of money on decor, it's often off the mark.