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Nov 2, 2008 09:21 AM

Is Angelina's Still Open?

We're coming to Baltimore next Friday. Angelina's has always been our destination for crab cakes. However, when we were there last year, it looked as though it was dying (though the crabcakes were still fine). Is Angelina's still open?

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  1. Although I think it is technically open, I have been avoiding it. I asked a similiar question a few months ago and none of the posters had been recently. Here's the thread:

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    1. re: ronandaim

      Thanks for the sad story. We had a similar "twilight zone" experience the last time we went there a year or two ago. I'm all for "change," but messing with my crabcakes is not a good idea! No one in Texas makes decent crabcakes.

      1. re: dcanine

        Go to Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton!

        1. re: dcanine

          Try Koco's farther south on Harford Rd.

      2. According to the Baltimore Sun, Angelina's is now closed and will be auctioned off next Wednesday, along with its crab cake recipe.

        The crabcakes themselves will still be sold over the internet at Go figure.

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        1. re: crackers

          Forget I just checked it out. It's the website of Phillips Seafood, which will send you lovely crabcakes made with the meat of the blue swimming crab, which is a completely separate creature from our beloved blue crabs. The meat of the swimming crab is lovely but has little flavor.

          For anyone looking for good crabcakes in the NE Baltimore area, try Pappas' on Taylor Ave.

          1. re: Bob W

            What a difference a letter makes! It is for Angelina's. There is no "s" on the end.

            1. re: charmedgirl

              LOL so true. Unlike, features "the sweet unmistakable flavor of Real Blue Crab."

              Having had both Angelina's crabcakes and Phillips's crabcakes, I can confidently state, "Phillips, you are no Angelina's."

              You can also get good crabcakes at and

              Love dem crabcakes, hon!

        2. The original comment has been removed