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Nov 2, 2008 09:11 AM

Saskatoon's best breakfast?

Just curious if there's a neat spot for breakfast in Saskatoon. Something like the Fine Art Cafe would be cool but it doesn't open until 9 am which is too late. I know about Grainfield's and Denny's but thought there might be something else out there that I don't know about. I frequently visit but have never lived in Saskatoon, so really don't know about much past Idlewyld, Circle or 8th.. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Broadway diner serves good pancakes and eggs type food. The service is great, too. Just don't expect anything innovative on the menu :)
    It's on Broadway, somewhere near 9th or 10th.

    1. Depending on how you want to roll here are my two picks:

      Calories on Broadway has an awesome Sunday Brunch. ($$$)
      Mel's Cafe (1701 11TH ST W ) has a $5 breakfast that can't be beat. ($)

      1. Park Cafe. Hands down. Best eggs benny in the city...since moving here from Toronto I searched and searched for the perfect eggs benedict in Saskatoon, and finally found it here. Everything else I have tried on the menu is great.
        Calories is another spot I will go for brunch.

        1. Park Cafe has great food. Probably the best diner fare in the city for breakfasts and lunches.

          Their location, however, can be a wild card. This is what eventually turned us off of it. Between watching crackheads walk by the window and my wife getting repeatedly brushed up by a guy that smelled like booze at 9 AM, that did it for us. The location is just a wild card that way.

          Anyway, their food is very good. They make real hollandaise sauce for their eggs benedict (although I found it sometimes find it very bland and sometimes very lemony), and their house smoked meats are awesome. They also seem to use seasonal farmers market veggies in the hash brown mix that is served with their breakfast, so there's another reason they get high marks on food. Again, personally, in my experience, the location is kind of a wild card, and for me, it was too sketchy on a couple occasions. Your results may vary. The important thing is that they are a well run little place with great food. They also have a booth at the farmers market where they sell very fresh seafoods, smoked meats, sushi, sandwiches, etc. Check that out sometime if you can. Good seafood is of course going to be pretty expensive here, but they have been consistent in bringing in fresh stuff every week.

          Broadway Cafe has average quality breakfast food. Powdered hollandaise. The hash browns may or may not be cooked, and will likely have a strong canola oil taste. Big lineup, packed room, expect it to be super busy on weekends. It's a social outing spot as much or more than it is a diner. You can probably make better food at home, for a fraction of the price, and in less time than it takes to go there. They have lots of marilyn monroe and elvis pictures on the walls, so they are going for some kind of goofy 50s-retro diner theme, but that doesn't really matter. For this place, expect average breakfast grill food with a long lineup and a super busy atmosphere.

          What can also be fairly good are the brunches at the big downtown hotels. They are buffet style, which I sometimes enjoy. Their food can be above average quality. I would recommend trying those once in a while, as well as going to Park Cafe to try their Eggs Benedict for yourself. I still haven't been to Calories for brunch so can't comment on that.

          Anyway, this post is turning into a book.

          My top choice for your chances of good food quality would be Park Cafe and any of the big downtown hotels.