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Nov 2, 2008 08:23 AM

Lunch along -95 N Carolina or Northern SC

I saw the prior post but am looking for suggestions that can be farther south.

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  1. Fullers BBQ is my favorite in that area. They are in Lumberton, easy access from I-95. The buffet gets replenished frequently - great selection of NC style BBQ and Southern traditional. I've always been too full to try the desserts...

    more info:

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    1. re: meatn3

      We ate at Fullers yesterday and I must say it was awful. I was hoping for a "hole in the wall" place with slow cooked Q lovingly and respectfully prepared. What we found was a 20 minute wait for an assembly line buffet where the food was typical and the Q awful. Chopped to death, bland, gristle and no indication of smoke. At $10 a head, this was a waste of money. If you want real BBQ, stay away.

      1. re: thegoodshepherd

        You crowded into a buffet-joint one time on a Sunday and are telling us you didn't get an Alexander Hamilton $10 worth? Unfair!

      2. re: meatn3

        I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I also like Fullers. I'm not a fan of their BBQ, but I like just about everything else they serve, particularly the johnnycakes, which are a highlight.

        Far from the healthiest meal you will have in NC, but it is worth a stop every now and again.

        1. re: brentk

          I agree that there is better BBQ to be had. I tend to recommend it in passing through situations on I-95 since it gives a nice chance to try so many regional dishes. And the BBQ is alright, especially if you seldom have access...If you are passionate about Q, then that aspect isn't going to float your boat.!

          I haven't been there for a few years. I'm heading south on 95 on Thursday, so if the timing is right we'll try to stop there. Hopefully thegoodshepherd experienced an anomaly!

          There is a whole lot of nothing or endless chains on that stretch, so Fuller's has always been a good option for me!

          1. re: meatn3

            We were able to stop in for lunch. Every thing was fresh and plentiful. The BBQ was better than I had remembered. No gristle, well flavored to the extent that my hand never moved towards the pepper vinegar! The only hot items that were less than very good were the okra and the mac & cheese. They even had bags of fresh cracklin for sale!

            After revisiting, I still feel very comfortable about recommending it. The only thing that could radically improve the experience would be the addition of a little area to catch a quick nap after a sizable meal!

      3. Not sure if Manning, SC is too far south to be considered "Northern SC" but there's a BBQ place there called McCabe's that is considered one of the best in the entire state.

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        1. re: mikeh

          I second McCabe's! My husband and I had lunch there a couple weekends ago (we were in the midst of moving from FL to NC). It's about 3 miles from I-95, so it's not too far off the interstate. We both had pork sandwiches that were incredibly good. And the sauce was exceptional. The people were incredibly nice as well. Just know that they don't accept credit cards, so bring cash. We made that mistake, but the owner kindly pointed my husband towards an ATM down the road while I got to sit and eat all the hushpuppies in his absence.

          Take the Alcolu exit (northernmost one for Manning) and head east for about 3 miles, just as soon as you enter town, take keep a look out on the left. It's a really small place on the left, next to a car dealership. If you find yourself near the downtown area, you've gone too far.

        2. I believe that there is a Smithfield's Chicken and BBQ at the intersection of I-40 and I-95 in North Carolina. The BBQ is fine, but what I really like is their brunswick stew, corn fritters, and banana pudding. It's a chain, but a local one.

          Also, there seems to be a couple of Maurice's BBQs along I-95 in the northern part of South Carolina now. Again, they are a chain, but a local one. I recommend the pulled pork sandwich with mustard sauce, fries, and slaw. It's quite a good lunch.

          I'm not sure how much farther south you are looking to go, but Duke's BBQ is good too. It's a few miles south of the I-26/I-95 interchange in South Carolina. It's a buffet, and the takeout plate is enormous. The BBQ is nice, but their fried chicken and sides are very good (especially their collards). But don't bother trying the hash - it's "meh" at best.

          However, I would recommend McCabe's BBQ first and foremost.

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          1. re: jazzy77

            Good post -- I would second Smithfield's. For a chain we found it to be quite good. Also Maurice's -- we hit one that was right off the highway and got our food to go, but you could certainly eat in and really pig out. Pun intended.

            Also, regarding McCabe's in Manning. For a small town, Manning has a second BBQ place of some repute: D&H. I'd pull into town and ask a few locals which they prefer.