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Nov 2, 2008 06:26 AM

Pizza Hunting? (Noho,Studio City, Sherman Oaks?)

Alright board I can use your help, lived in Sherman Oaks for 15 years now and still no luck in finding a good pizza. To give you an idea of what I like is a pie thats not cracker crust thin and not all dough like "Georgio's". Just a great tasting pie that your also able to fold in half.

At times I'll give "Little Toni's" a shot or even "Paggiano's" but they still dont hit the spot I'm after for my area?

Spots I gave up on are:

Pit Fire Pizza, Big Mama's & Papa's, D'Amores, Spumoni's, Mulberry St. Pizza, and Chains.

Would love some suggestions?



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  1. I guess we have the same problem. Luckily we don't eat pizza too often. Mazzarino's used to be sorta ok but they're closed. We like Little Toni's. Have you tried Dino's? It's local enough - Burbank Blvd. at Hollywood Way.

      1. I love Joe Peeps... Their special is the polar opposite of a minimalist pizza but its excellent in its own way.

        1. Halloween night, 4 of us started the evening with a little "attitude adjustment" hour, while doling out candy. Around 8, we decided to drive to Barones, for a retro feel type of evening.

          Hubs just told me not to post on Barones, as most hounds don't dig this spot. I guess Barone's classifies as a guilty pleasure then, but I always feel happy there.

          All I can say is that we had an absolute blast. We sat in the bar room, and it felt like the Las Vegas that I remember as a kid. Awesome woman pianist in pitch black sun-glasses, and some great vocalists too.

          Our dinner was pleasing to all of us, except for the salad. We ordered the Barone's Italian salad, but we forgot ask for it to be chopped---it was still good, but chopped is best.

          House combination pizza was our entree, and we asked for it to be a little extra crispy. Our added toppings were eggplant, mushrooms, olives and fresh garlic. Their crust is maybe not so typical when you think of pizza, but none of us were complaining. Kinda biscuit like, and maybe a little buttery. I grew up right near Century City, and have lived in Sherman Oaks for 8 years. There are almost no places on the West side that I can think of that call to the little boy in this 52 year old body. Spots like Barones give me a cozy feel, and while it may not be cutting edge, I am unabashedly a fan.


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          1. re: JeffW

            I'm not a fan of Barone's but I will try Dino's and Caioti Pizza.

            Thank you for this input.



            1. re: Hypnotic23

              The guy that started Caioti's is the guy that developed the pizza menu for Wolfgang Pucks 1st Spago on Sunset back in the 80's. It's pretty great. If you drive over the hill to Mozza, thats even better pizza.

              1. re: penguinfoodie

                I agree, love the pizza at Mozza, just after a local spot or delivery for my home.

                1. re: Hypnotic23

                  Then you should try Caioti's, it's in your barrio and almost as good as Mozza.

                  1. re: penguinfoodie

                    You can't really fold Caioti's pizza in half. It doesn't work.

                    I know you said you don't like chains, but... Ameci's? I like their pizza.

                    Mazzarino's had decent pizza but I think they burned down.