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Nov 2, 2008 06:16 AM

Lunch at Commander's?

My wife and I will be making our first trip to NOLA this week. I made an online reservation for lunch at CP on Thursday. Two questions:

1. Does anyone have experience with their online system? Is it reliable? Do I need to worried about it with a mid-week lunchtime slot?

2. What about the lunchtime dress code? I wouldn't go any less than business casual (long-sleeve button down shirt and khaki slacks) no matter what, but I'm reading different things about the lunch code, so any advice in that regard would be appreciated.

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  1. The restaurant's dress code is strictly upscale: No jeans, T-shirts or shorts.
    The online reservation system has always worked for me.
    Lunch time reservations should not be a problem. Enjoy the prix fixe specials and 25-cent martinis.

    1. Favorites of mine are Shrimp Henican, turtle soup, gumbo, garlic bread and the daily specials. Hard to go wrong at Commanders! If they have fried soft shell crabs, do not miss them. Fried to perfection!

      1. Make sure to request the garden room. It's upstairs, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, like dining in the treetops. Khakis and a button down will be fine. Their turtle soup is the best in town. Same for the Bloody Mary (I order it extra spicy). Enjoy!

        1. couldn't tell ya about the on-line service, I just called them for lunch reservation.. Now the disappointing news, the food was not that great. seafood gumbo had no rice, the bbq shrimp was not cooked enough and too tangy. My wife had the crab good either!! On top of all that, the waiter was winking at my wife the whole time and gave me some bullsh**t reason for no rice by saying that gumbo was a poor man's food and rice was in it to make it expand the if!? All i gotta say is if you want good new orleans food, go to Jacquimos

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          1. re: hornetsfan

            Couldn't disagree more with the statement, "if you want good new orleans food, go to Jacquimos [sic]." Especially comparing Jacques Imo's to Commander's. I'm not saying Commander's doesn't have off nights, but Jacques Imo's isn't even in the same league as Commander's.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              After the two terrible experiances that I had at commanders-I'll take jacquimos any day of the week. Its not fine dining and you shouldn't expect that kind of service but the food has always been awesome!