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Nov 2, 2008 06:00 AM

3 Dinners in NYC

I am a chef for a catering company in the SE Mass./RI area and along with a few coworkers, am heading to NYC this month to do some "research". Any recommendations for restaurants that would be especially beneficial to a couple of chefs in the industry??

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Could you give us more information on what types of food you are interested in trying, what budget you have etc? There are many restaurants in this city that would be beneficial to visit!

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    1. re: BW212

      Our hope is to experience 3 different establishments from which we can glean some ideas. I would like some options for a top-notch experience (ie Daniel/per se/ etc.), some suggestions for a place which is trendy/hip...more about the presentation than the flavor/quality...the purpose being to get new ideas as opposed to being wowed by the food itself, and maybe a few exemplary and authentic ethnic restaurants that really epitomize there respective cuisines.

      We'll need to eat lunch also...So the more suggestions the better!!

      1. re: jewingchow

        OK. What is the most you are willing to spend per person? Is there anything that you think is missing/weak in the area you are currently in? Are you willing to go to the Outer Boroughs? If so, I think your "ethnic" requests might be better served out there...

        1. re: kathryn

          I think a great drink and snack experience is the Lobby Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental...interesting food, great cocktails and awesome view of Central Park. I'm a big fan of Ouest on the Upper West's maybe a bit under the radar but has a great vibe and really delicious food!

          1. re: kathryn

            Maybe $200pp or so for a higher-end meal...however we do not have a set budget.

            Our company deals with a fair amount of clients from the NY area. Therefore, part of the focus of this trip is to get an idea of the food and dining experiences these clients expect.

            As for traveling out to the boroughs....give me a reason and I'm there!
            I wouldn't rule anything out at this point.

      2. For high end, try EMP (and consider increase your budget to try the Chef menu if you can) for sophiscated contemporary french and best in class service.

        For others, definitely Momofuku Ssam or Noodle Bar for innovative Asian fusion. A Jean Georges's lunch will be great for modern French (and the best bargain in tow).

        Degustation will be fun for small plates (french-inspired tapas) cooked right in front of you in the open kitchen.

        WD-50 if you are into any molecular gastronomy. Or you can opt for the dessert tasting which is fantastic.

        Tailor or PDT for some inventive drinks.

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        1. re: kobetobiko

          Great list! EMP, Jean Georges, Degustation, and WD-50 are all different, interesting, and have a niche in the NYC dining scene. I might do desserts at Tailor in addition to just drinks. Do try the solid cocktails, they're really fun and tasty. And I'd throw in Death & Co is a nice alternative to PDT if you can't get in.

          I might also consider a Batali restaurant, some sushi (Yasuda? Chef's Omakase Bar at Morimoto?) or other Japanese (Yakitori Totto? a kaiseki restaurant with great presentation), and for ethnic in the OB, you'd need to post another thread there but off the top of my head I might do Sripraphai, Kabab Cafe, an adventure in Flushing if you are interested. Not sure if your clientele is more about formal sit-down experiences or foodies open to anything.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks for all the advice!
            Keep the suggestions coming!

            1. re: jewingchow

              I would also consider trying to get a reservation at Ko. I recently got lucky trolling for cancellations around 3-4 PM. But it really is a lottery.
              Otherwise I must concur with kobetobiko and kathryn above. Especially Ssam Bar and Degustation for more reasonably priced options.
              I think that whatever you do you should try to hit one of the higher end Japanese-style counter service places (like Ko and Degustation). These are as much about the theater of preparation as they are about the food, and it seems to me that for a variety of reasons (general trend, savvier diners, lower real estate and personnel costs etc.) in the foreseeable future that kind of set-up might become the equivalent of what small plates has been for the last few years.
              And btw I want your job! At least the research part.