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Nov 2, 2008 05:25 AM

I bought my nephew an Easy Bake Oven for Xmas

I have a 2 family house and my sister,her husband, & my 3 1/2 year old nephew live on the 1st floor. I love to bake & cook. I always send cookies, cake, etc downstairs and my nephew is always asking me to bake cookies. He has a few pretend cooking/baking playsets that he plays with all the time. Anyway, I called my sister before I bought it and asked her what she thought and she said ok. He will be supervised when he uses it and he is a very smart little boy for his age with a beautiful imagination. Have any of you bought an Easy Bake Oven for a boy? I wish they would make a separate box with a boy on the cover because the one I got has a girl on it.

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  1. I think at his age he really won't care that there is a girl on the box. The only way he would notice is if he heard other people (such as parents) comment about cooking being for girls. Lots of little boys are interested in cooking or making things in the kitchen. My friend teaches daycare to 4 year olds and every week they have a kitchen class where they will make something out of food...........such as playdough or whatever.

    1. And I think you can minimize the effect of any (stupid) sexist comments by watching some macho-male-tv-chefs with him.

      1. I have read that Bobby Flay received an Easy Bake from his mom for Christmas when he was 7 or so.


          Today's Easy Bake Oven is fairly gender-neutral and since it was invented by a man shouldn't be a toy enjoyed only by girls.

          1. I think the only issue is going to be an age one. An easy bake oven requires some dexterity in placing and removing the cake and the little pans and bowls might not have a big enough target to aim for.
            I know you said he'd have full supervision but I can foresee that he might have a problem with his mom having to do most of the work for him on "his toy". It may be best to give him some small tasks to do in the kitchen until he is old enough to fully use the oven.

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              I agree, your intent is good but he's a bit young for it (I have the same problem, I'm always tempted to get presents for my nieces and nephews that they're not quite ready for). I started cooking as a boy, in fact some of my earliest memories are of "helping" my mother bake from scratch, but I was probably eight or nine before I made anything more elaborate than cinnamon toast entirely on my own.