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Nov 2, 2008 05:02 AM

2006 Le Clos Jordanne (Ontario Wine)

Did anyone have an opportunity to taste their 2006 release? Any opinions? I'm wondering if they can "compete" with their 05's. I noticed they raised their prices for 06.

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  1. I imagine that this is something available at the LCBO, but I've not seen it. But then, I seem to gravitate to Pelham's wines out of habit versus preference. May I throw ignorance into the wind and ask if Jordanne is actually Jordan Station?

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      Their wines are available at the LCBO for every release but tend to sell out within 3-4 days. So you likely won't see any inventory for their previous years' wines. Yes I believe the winery is located in Jordan Station.

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        Are the '06 releases still for sale at the LCBO?

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          Hasn't entered market yet. First tastings were mid-oct.

    2. Le Clos Jordanne's premium wines ("The Grand Clos Chardonnay" and "Le Grand Clos Pinot Noir") are both now available through the LCBO's Classics Catalogue. I believe you can also order the 2006 vintage directly by contacting the winery at http://www.leclosjordanne.com.

      The 2006 Pinots are their best ever in my view. They are extremely light because it was such a cruddy year weather-wise, but they've parlayed the lightness into an enduring elegance. La Petite Vineyard is especially worthwhile.

      I've posted complete tasting notes for the Pinots here:

      I'll post my tasting notes of the Chardonnays in a couple days. They have gobs of oak, but it is very well-integrated and buoyed by the fruit. Great complexity this year.

      Matthew Sullivan
      The Short Cellar