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Nov 2, 2008 05:02 AM

2006 Le Clos Jordanne (Ontario Wine)

Did anyone have an opportunity to taste their 2006 release? Any opinions? I'm wondering if they can "compete" with their 05's. I noticed they raised their prices for 06.

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  1. I imagine that this is something available at the LCBO, but I've not seen it. But then, I seem to gravitate to Pelham's wines out of habit versus preference. May I throw ignorance into the wind and ask if Jordanne is actually Jordan Station?

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      Their wines are available at the LCBO for every release but tend to sell out within 3-4 days. So you likely won't see any inventory for their previous years' wines. Yes I believe the winery is located in Jordan Station.

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        Are the '06 releases still for sale at the LCBO?

        1. re: eller

          Hasn't entered market yet. First tastings were mid-oct.

    2. Le Clos Jordanne's premium wines ("The Grand Clos Chardonnay" and "Le Grand Clos Pinot Noir") are both now available through the LCBO's Classics Catalogue. I believe you can also order the 2006 vintage directly by contacting the winery at

      The 2006 Pinots are their best ever in my view. They are extremely light because it was such a cruddy year weather-wise, but they've parlayed the lightness into an enduring elegance. La Petite Vineyard is especially worthwhile.

      I've posted complete tasting notes for the Pinots here:

      I'll post my tasting notes of the Chardonnays in a couple days. They have gobs of oak, but it is very well-integrated and buoyed by the fruit. Great complexity this year.

      Matthew Sullivan
      The Short Cellar