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Nov 2, 2008 03:08 AM

Food Bazaar in Trenton?

Has anybody shopped at the Food Bazaar in Trenton? My wife and I were looking for good ethnic food sources and this was mentioned as a place to buy Latin foods. Does anybody have any experience with it? I thought I'd ask before we drove all the way down to Trenton.

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  1. I have no idea if it’s worth a trip for you or not as I haven’t been there, but here’s their website and circular . They do seem to have a lot of Latino food products.

    1. I've been several times. It's absolutely enormous--and the quality is pretty good. They have a fantastic latin food section, but they don't really have much in the way of South Asian foods, unfortunately (especially considering the population of greater Mercer county). The quality is good (not superb) and the selection is impressive. The store itself is enormous. If you plan to spend much time in the meat or produce sections, bring a sweater or jacket, as they chill the entire store down in those sections, so it can be quite nippy.

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        We've been a few times as well. It's pretty easy to get to and there's plenty of parking. The place is still nice and new, so it doesn't have the beaten down look of so many other Trenton markets. Mrs. CitizenRich is Colombian and they've got a pretty good selection of items food stuffs from there and many other SA nations. Like immer said, the Latin food selection is much bigger than that of the Asian food, and it might not reflect the Mercer County population, but to me that pretty much reflects the neighborhood. The fish, veg and meat selections are pretty extensive (they had frozen hog heads for crying out loud), but I don't know where they get their product from, so we'll pretty much restrict our buying to items we just can't find anywhere else in the area--like extra large stewing hens for sancocho de gallina and Postobon soda.

        The one disappointment is the snack bar. It's pretty lame. We used to drive up to the Universal Meat Market in Rahway for our Latin supplies and I'll miss the hot foods they had there--mostly the empanadas and deep fried yucca.