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Nov 2, 2008 02:02 AM

Foie gras in restaurants !

Hi there fellow Chowhounders... I'm from Montréal and will be visiting soon in Paris, looking for recommandation for the best restaurant for Foie Gras (not 3* sadly, I'm on a budget). I'm looking for the Paris equivalent of Montréal's Club Chasse et Pèche or Pied de Cochon (I know the Paris one is not the same !).

Thanks for your help !

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  1. Le Regalade - great bistro at which i enjoyed a wonderful whole fresh Foie Gras, cooked to perfection. It was a starter designed to be shared. Not certain if it is on the regular menu or was a special from the blackboard.

    1. (From MTL also)

      Have a look at "Le Comptoir du relais" (9, car. de l'Odéon) it has a good selection of terrines and paté (foie gras), I don't remember if they have "pan fried" foie gras, since I do not like it prepared like that.

      see photo of one page of the menu :

      1. PhilD is correct, La Regalade sells an entire fois for two, had it a week ago, Chez L'Ami Jean does as well, and they are both stellar

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          La Regalade has the Foie Gras as a starter, well as a main shared by two.
          Although I have had the dish in much higher rated restaurants, at a much higher cost, I like their preparation the best
          I would love to try it with Truffles.
          I envy everyone who manage to get to France in Truffle season, as alas I am there only in May and September.

        2. Thank you all for your help !

          1. Btw, La Régalade and Chez l'Ami Jean are way, way better than Au Pied de Cochon or Club Chasse et pêche. They are less comfortable, though. In season, La Régalade has a foie gras with truffle cooked in a sealed pot that is a pure wonder -- as is indeed th roasted foie gras for two at CAJ.

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              souphie - When is foie gras in season?

              1. re: Moshi Moshi

                I think it is not so much the foie gras that has a season but the truffle, about mid December through early March.

                1. re: f2dat06

                  Ah - that makes much more sense! Thank you.