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Nov 1, 2008 10:23 PM

Yuma, AZ, Thanksgiving Weekend

My wife and I are contemplating a get-away from San Diego to Yuma for Thanksgiving weekend. We are a couple without family in the area, so we are ripe for a non-traditional Thanksgiving Dinner as well as other lunches and dinners on Friday and Saturday.

What recommendations do Chowhound members have for dining in Yuma. I don't expect "haute cuisine" but I would like it to be local/regional, tasty, and interesting.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Hey Andy, I've been thinking about your request for a couple of hours because the one day that I have never eaten out in Yuma is Thanksgiving, so my reply will be mostly speculation.

    The weather should be nice - as it usually is this time of year - highs around the 70s or 80s.

    Most Anglo restaurants would, I suspect, be closed. Julieanna's, which has a nice patio and is probably the best fine dining in town, would be one place I would check with if that's what I was looking for (though I'm sure there are dozens of places in SD at least as goodor better).

    One could certainly find a lot of choices across the border in San Luis, Sonora (about 25 minutes south of town) since, of course, Thanksgiving is not a Mexican holiday. Places like Mr Chobi's (proabably the best high end place in town) or the Herradura (an old Mexican restaurant stand-by) would be good. There is also a fancy Hotel restaurant on Obregan whose name escapes me. There are also taco shops etc in abundance in San Luis. La Tatema is a large restaurant that specializes in birria - talk about something different. Cabs are readily available at the border crossing and one can walk Obregan (just be careful as the sidewalk is not always in good shape). Personally, I don't like driving en el otro lado.

    Whether any of Yuma's better Mexican restaurants would be open is another question. But certainly some of the taco stands would be doing business, I would think, as many recent immigrants don't have a Thanksgiving tradition yet.

    I would love a Thanksgiving at Pupuseria Cabanas because I always feel like family there, but Thursday is the one day of the week that they are closed.

    Anyway, here is a link to some blog posts about Yuma.

    If you have more questions, just post them and I'll try to answer. Good luck!


    1. Your question got me thinking more about dining in San Luis, so recently I went across the border with a friend and had a good meal at Mr Choby's. Here's the report: