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Nov 1, 2008 10:05 PM

Stone House at Stirling Ridge Warren NJ

Friends of ours want to meet for dinner at this restaurant in the mountains. I can't find any information on this board. Has anyone been? What would be good to order that is not seafood?

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  1. Here's a review from the NY Times that may help:

    I believe the Star-Ledger also reviewed Stonehouse about a year ago. You can probably find that review on-line as well.

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      That was a fast response and the article was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, ambrose!

      1. re: NJFoodie

        NJFoodie, if you do go to Stonehouse, please post your comments. I don't know a single person who has been there but I have read some good things about the restaurant, including the Times review.

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          couldnt get the article to open but I have been wanting to visit this place. im wondering since it is a catering hall if 1) its noisy from whatever event may be going on, 2) if the restaurant is separate, and 3) they focus on the restaurant itself or is all the food "banquet" food. Hard to tell, no pics and menu is sketchy. Let us know if you go!!

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            Don't know why you can't open the link. I just tried it and had no problem.

            Suggest you go to the NY Times web site and search using the keywords, 'stonehouse' and 'warren'. The review will be the first article listed.

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              Either way, I do hope a board user sends a review, I'm curious.

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                finally able to open, getting around firewalls @ work. well, sounds like a good review from the NYT. its a must try for me! thanks for the link

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          Things change...owners, staff, menus.... These reviews are very old. Anything recent?

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            We were there just 2 months ago and it was a very attractive facility. I say facility becauise the place is huge. Restaurant on one side and catering on the other. The food unfortunately didn't live up to the appearance of the buiding. Everything was okay, not good, not great not horrible, just okay.

            Apps: calamari (I've had better at much less expensive restaurants, lacquered baby back ibs (very salty and somewhat dry) and a roasted beet salad (good but nothing special)

            entrees: double pork chop (sides more impressive than the chops), veal porterhouse (ditto), tuna loin (same) and the salmon (cooked well, not special)

            deserts: eh

            Dinner for 4 was $260 incl t/t

            We ate at Il Mondo Vecchio in Madison a month later and the tab was the same (except it was byo) but the difference in the food was dramatic starting witht he quality of the proteins all the way to the way they were prepared,

            Hope this helps.

        3. The Ala Carte restaurant offers a wonderful menu and a professional, courteous staff. The wine list is eclectic and very reasonably priced. Wonderful ambiance and a very chic lounge. Anyone in the area should definitely give it a try. Definitely make a reservation for the weekend. I have found it increasingly more difficult to get in between 6:30-8:30.

          1. PS the menu on the website it out of date. There is a very good lamb chops on the menu as well as a very nice veal chop and braised shortribs. Plenty of choices for those who enjoy fish or meat. Interestingly enough I found their chicken dish to be quite good when very often poultry dishes on a menu such as this one are an afterthought.

            1. Went there when it first opened. Chicken dish was exceptional and the desserts were fantastic (I had more than one). Went there recently and was dissapointed

              1. Chose this restaurant for an annual holiday dinner gathering with 7 friends. The atmosphere was perfect. It's a gorgeous setting. The classy looking bar serves excellent martinis and offers a nice selection of wines by the glass. A huge bowl of olives and attractive little plates await you on the cocktail tables. Comfy couch-like seating is available for intimate conversations.

                In the dining room, the service was very attentive. One point of frustration: nearly every wine bottle we ordered was out of stock. We'll blame that on the holiday season. We ordered appetizers to share, some off the menu (calamari, tuna tartare, baby back ribs) and some specials (salads with proscuitto). Loved them all. Portions were small.

                Of the 6 entrees , 2 were unsatisfactory. When my friend was unhappy with the way her steak was cooked and the way the dish tasted, the waiter whisked away her plate and replaced it with a fish entree without blinking or even asking what her displeasure was. Another friend didn't like his salmon entree but didn't mention it. He was happy picking on our food and his wife's sushi. The sushi was excellent. Having a sushi menu was appreciated by those who want to keep it light and healthy. The rest of us raved about and inhaled our entrees (chilian sea bass and tuna off the menu, swordfish and short ribs were specials).

                Too full for desserts, we enjoyed various forms of coffee, all excellent.

                All of the dishes have a lovely and often unique presentation.

                I'd go back. My husband plans to use it to entertain associates visiting from out of town.

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                  First time I went there was great. last time I went there it was terrible.

                  1. re: njdinner

                    Tried it again. Definately NOT worth it the money.