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Nov 1, 2008 07:52 PM

Cubanos Market, Dartmouth, NS

For the last while I've been patronizing Cubanos Market on Thistle St in Dartmouth on a regular basis. Run by a Cuban immigrant, it is a great little place to buy fresh fruits and veggies which they bring in locally as much as possible. They have an outdoor display which is really cool in this town. For me the extra attraction is a selection of really interesting ethnic groceries -- mostly Mexican/Spanish in nature, with items from Goya, La Costena, and others. Really unique things. Their produce is usually better than the supermarkets, if not quite on par with Pete's Frootique, and their prices are great. I love going in there because they usually have salsa music playing and it feels a little like NYC. Nice people too -- go there, they deserve to succeed.

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  1. This sounds terrific; we'll take a trip to the dark side next time we're in the city. Thanks for the heads up, Greg_B.

    1. Yep - this place is awesome. I'm always surprised how much I get there for how little. I've been going there since it opened and am pleased to see that it seems as though there is steady traffic at the counter these days. It's so nice that that little space that under previous ownership seemed to sell only dusty bags of chips and smokes is now a wonderful neighbourhood shop.

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        I went in there this AM and it was really hopping with customers. Seems like I can never spend more than $10-$15 in the place no matter how hard I try, but given the number of people I see coming and going the last few times I've been there I think they are going to make it.

        Funny thing -- the customers always seem to have smiles on their faces when I'm there. I think it's the music.

      2. Does anyone have the inside scoop on Cubanos? They closed during the construction on Thistle street. There was a story in the free Dartmouth Daily News thing that they would reopen at the end of June, but they did not. I phoned the other day and the phone is disconnected. But, the sign is still in the window saying that they will reopen following construction. Sigh - have we lost this little neighbourhood gem?

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        1. Drove past a while ago and immediately thought: this is the type of place I want in MY neighbourhood!

          There is a serious lack of small local grocers in this little town. Why oh why must I choose between Sobeys or Superstore? Sure, I can (and do) make a trip to Pete's, or pick up some meat at the Italian Gourmet, but I really want a corner store with groceries.


          Cubanos on the Peninsula?