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Nov 1, 2008 03:46 PM

Buche De Noel- Upstate New York

Just moved from New York City to Rochester and need a bakery that makes Buche De Noel Cakes for Christmas. Anything in the upstate area (within 200 miles)?


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  1. Sorry I don't know anything that local to you - if you can't find a place locally, I do know that Williams Sonoma online sells them frozen...

    Good luck!!!

      1. Call Savoia's. They are the best bakery in town and they do everything!

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          If, in your travels, you are anywhere near Saratoga Springs, Mrs. London's Bakeshop makes the most incredible (a couple of versions) Buche de Noel.

        2. I also recalled this place -- I've had some of their other stuff and it's good.

          1. You might also want to try the new "gourmet" grocery on Monroe Ave at Brighton town line (I think). It's called Max's. I went in there the other day, and it was a little sparse. But they do fly in their dough from Tribeca (as the lady told me). They might order something for you.

            Other than that, though, Wegman's is probably a good bet. Or Phillip's European bakery (or whatever it is called...perhaps someone could help me with this).

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              Max Grocery is at the corner of Clover and Monroe, next to Mann's Jewelers, and the people who run Max would know or know who to ask.

              1. re: Maxman007

                Premier Pastry, 433 South Avenue 546-1420. Call ahead. I found this by Googling, and thanks to Michael Warren Thomas' blog-he's a tremendous font of food and other knowledge regarding Rochester.