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Nov 1, 2008 03:42 PM

Traveling on 5

We drove to San Diego Thursday from The Bay Area. We swore no Harris Ranch, no chains. And we found a very good meal. Going South at the exit of 198 and 5 go to the right. ( I think this is the Harris Ranch exit) Turn in at the CHEVRON and go behind it, CAZUELAS Mexican food. The owners have only been there 3 months. Clean, friendly, and good food. I had a chicken torta, wonderful, and my husband had a the very good flour enchilada with hambuger.

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  1. Though I didn't realize this was a report--thought at first it was a request--
    great work! Thanks for the report.

    1. I just ate at Cazuelas two weeks ago and I wasn't impressed.
      Unless you wanted just a salad, the only choices were Combo Plates! Hmmm, just like Don Perico in Grapevine. With a drink, you won't get out for under $10.

      The food selection was pretty typical Americanized Mex. The chimichanga I had was OK and the service was very good (unlike Don Perico).

      If you want cheap and some alternatives, Avenal and Los Banos aren't far off of I-5; search for previous posts.

      Don Perico Restaurant
      9021 Grapevine Rd W, Lebec, CA 93243

      Cazuela's Restaurant
      25174 W Dorris Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210