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Nov 1, 2008 03:39 PM

Brunch at Banq -- wow, that sucked

I've had mostly good luck with dinner at Banq, including an excellent evening meal with a group not too long ago. But my recent brunch experience was painfu: inept service and very sub-par food.

The two biggest insults: an "Indian masala" omelet which the server made a big deal of saying how spicy it was (allegedly containing tomatoes, onions, chilis and cilantro), when what arrived could not be blander: the filling tasted of little more than under-sauteed onions. Really disappointing. Then there were the hash browns: I should know better by now, but it appears that here's another chef who doesn't understand the difference between hash browns and home fries. These were really dull, underseasoned, lukewarm home fries with a heavy dose of grated Pamesan on top. Not even good by home fry standards. Blech.

Cold toast, hard butter. Ordinary bacon. A server who asked one of us for our toast preference and just guessed on the rest. Really absent, slow service in a mostly-empty dining room. A gruesome, expensive meal. (Room still looks pretty by daylight, though.)

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  1. You are right although the interior rocks I've tried BanQ several times but prefer the food & service at Stella or Union. There is no comparison. Like Mantra, Banq should stick to parties.

    1. We've had a few good brunches there, food-wise, and a few not-so good. The service generally does suck big-time, though.

      1. man, i find that you usually go out of your way to not be negative in most of your reviews and posts, it must of been really bad.

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          A revived old post. But as I said then, my dinner experiences at Banq, while uneven, have generally been much better.

          I've come to think that the so-so or sub-par brunch experience with the too-hefty price tag is generally the rule in the South End. It's kind of a hell meal for all involved. Most consistent / least dissapointing has been Union. Most of the time, though, we wish we had gone to stand in line at Deluxe Town. I still want to give the brunch at Sage a spin.

          I guess it will surprise no one when I say my best early-Sunday meals recently were at Angela's Cafe and Xinh Xinh.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            In the 10 years I lived in the South End, I think I did a "South End Brunch Experience" once. Otherwise, to my mind, there was nothing around that could beat Mike's City Diner.