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What will you be drinking on election night?

Is anyone planning on opening something special for election night? What are you planning to drink...bubbly? Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Barolo?

What do you plan to serve with your election night wine?

I have not decided yet but am hoping to make a special 'election night' dinner and serve it with a special election night wine. Of course, if my candidate loses, perhaps I will put a cork in it!

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      1. Depending on the outcome, it may be cyanide.......................

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        1. I'm expecting a too-close-for-comfort election night. I'll keep up my 'spirits' with Champagne, and hope my guys wins.

          1. hmmmm..I was planning on a nice bordeaux BUT..if the Commonwealth of VA goes the way I want it to...I think I will need to celebrate with a lovely VA wine! Any suggestions from fellow Virginians or those who partake of VA wine? I'm thinking a cab franc or viognier??

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              My friends and I checked out a number of the Northern VA vineyards last year and we liked Oasis' whites the best. Grey Ghost had some good whites too... generally we weren't impressed with the reds at any of the places we visited. Why not try a sparkling VA wine?

              1. re: jackthebulldog

                I agree about the reds. Sparkling wine, no matter what, unfortunately leaves me with a headache. I've had Grey Ghost, Barboursville, and Veritas. I liked them all. I think I will go for a Viognier...thanks!

              2. re: rHairing

                Veritas Vineyards has an excellent Cab. Franc and Viognier. I am also a huge fan of Pearmund Viognier, Barboursville Cab. Franc, Blenheim Viognier, or any White Hall Wines. Think Globally, Drink Locally!

                1. re: hhutchi25

                  I bought a Grey Ghost Victorian white.

              3. Red wine or blue Hawaiians.

                  1. Dunno. Either some sort of Billecart, or hard liquor.

                    1. In all honesty, I'm breaking out the old Cabs....a few of 'em.

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                      1. re: maria lorraine

                        Maria, are you sure you want to be drinking something OLD and RED on that night? Then again, maybe ridding yourself of OLD REDS is exactly what you want to be doing! :-)

                        1. re: whiner

                          You know I'm a bubbly girl...and I'd love to be drinking some swell bubbles, but my company is not so into bubbles, though he is into beautiful reds.

                          I'll save a few of these old reds for you, though after reading your TNs on that '59 Latour lateral, you may pooh-pooh my aged Cabs. We're making great grilled burgers that night too, to eat in front of a hi-res flatscreen the length of a Buick.

                          Hey, hey, hey...who are you calling Old and Red? I'm Old(er) and have some (natural) Red in my hair. Oh, that's it! I'm a well-aged red wine!! Fully-integrated structure, some lively fruit, spice, supple, pleasing mid-range, long finish, good aromatics. Flaws? I'm not going there....

                          1. re: ibstatguy

                            We didn't make it to the aged Cabs, despite our best intentions.

                            By the time we were able to watch the returns, we were exhausted and just cracked a 2002 Tom Eddy Cabernet -- silky but potent, inky, lots of particulate. We had Caesar salad and Castello Blue Cheese burgers. Wonderful. But oddly, the wine wasn't as good with the food as it was plain, which confused us. Normally, I can really throw back some swill but we barely made it through the bottle because we were so tired.

                        2. Well, I'm attending a party and bringing a large number of these...

                          As much as I don't really do a lot of wine and chocolate in combination, I'll also bring a sweet red wine and some bubbles. Or I may combine the two and bring a Vernaccia di Serrapetrona.

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                          1. re: Brad Ballinger

                            Now that I think about it, an American wine would be appropriate (especially a wine from a 'swing' state, but I really can't get any of those up here in Canada)....

                            Perhaps a sparkler from Oregon or California?

                            Or, as Maria suggests, a California cabernet. With burger and fries. And chocolate chip cookies with milk for dessert. Sounds pretty darn American to me...(even though I recall reading somewhere that the hamburger has its roots in Germany).

                            1. re: anewton

                              "the hamburger has its roots in Germany"

                              Not surprisingly, in Hamburg:


                              1. re: anewton

                                <<California cabernet. With burger>>

                                A capital idea. Grilled burgers with gorgonzola and Cabernets. That's the menu.

                            2. Since, In my opinion, we are in a classic no win situation, I will be drinking as much as I can lay my hands on to put me in a coma for the next 4 years. and put aside enough to continue perhaps for 8.
                              Good luck all.

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                              1. re: currymouth

                                Champagne! A direct quote from the hubby, "Bring home a bottle or two of Champagne Tuesday as I think it is finally time to celebrate!"...may bring home a magnum or two to "share the wealth" with my neighbors.

                                1. re: bubbles4me

                                  Pray tell........ What are we celebrating?

                                  1. re: currymouth

                                    The right to vote in a democracy, for starters.

                                    That's still something to celebrate, CM, if the outcome is not as you would wish.

                                      1. re: maria lorraine

                                        "The right to vote in a democracy, for starters."

                                        Eloquently said, Maria Lorraine. I will raise a glass to that very profound thought.

                                        I am a little "electioned-out" up here in Quebec, as we've just had federal elections, I am watching the U.S. elections with some trepidation (one must always be nervous until all the votes are counted), and may have to go through Quebec provincial elections in the near future. I must admit, I have been whining a bit about too many elections. But after your sage reminder, I'll stop complaining.

                                        So Champagne it is!

                                        1. re: maria lorraine

                                          Thank you for reminding me, We just get so caught up in all the hype.

                                  2. What about a 12-pack of miller light or coors light or a chilled blush zinfandel !!!


                                    If I was an American, I would get a good bottle of Bourbon and drink to forget.

                                    1. If I could choose anything, it would be Pinot Noir from California. It may be difficult to get it done right, but once you have it, it's worth the trouble.

                                      In reality, champagne would definitely be in order, though crossing fingers makes holding a glass tricky.

                                      1. Luckily, our wine cellar is adequately stocked to last for the next 4 to 8 years at least,, as we dreaded but anticipated this. We will, however, no doubt, be drinking hard liquor Tuesday night!

                                            1. re: grantham

                                              Debemos beber vino para celebrar o para llorar, una o la otra.

                                          1. Lol, if McCain wins, the official White House beverage will be Budweiser. That alone is reason to vote for THAT one.

                                            I'm going for a California sparkler, whatever is on sale, I hope a Mumm Napa or more likely Piper Sonoma.

                                            I'll probably be too exhausted from reading all my voter information literature [San Francisco has 24 propositions and supervisor ranked voting plus the state propositions], so I'm not making my cheesy celery stuffing, but maybe I'll get some shrimp. I love to dip Pepperidge Farms hollow chocolate-flaked pirouettes in champagne.

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                                            1. re: himbeer

                                              Henriot.... celebrate or drown sorrows but love it none the less atleast we have a choice in drinking and voting!

                                            2. Well, depending upon the results . . .

                                              Since I truly can't drink more than a few sips of Maui Blanc -- and even then, only once every few years -- I'm thinking either Black St. Peters (Zinfandel) or hemlock, depending upon the outcome.

                                              Given the projections on Prop. 8, I might drink both!

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                                              1. re: zin1953

                                                Maui Blanc! Gosh, I think I still have a bottle of that somewhere. The caterer thought it'd be a great gag for a lu`au that I hosted some years back. Actually, the Volcano Symphony was better than I recalled from the last trip to the factory, er-r winery.


                                              2. Way it looks now I will be doing straight shots to numb the pain.

                                                If we get divine intervention then I might spring for some high priced sparklers.

                                                1. We're planning on our favorite Cali Pinot, Vision Cellars, made by the president of the African-American Vintners Assn..... in honor of our candidate.

                                                  Not sure what we're eating with it.

                                                  1. I'll probably nurse a couple of gentleman jack's on ice.

                                                    I'm saving the champagne for January!!


                                                    1. I'm volunteering at the polls that night, about 45 minutes from home on a work night. If I'm lucky, I'll have a glass of either a Pinot Noir from Germany, or a white Burg. Leftovers from my wedding this weekend. 2 days ahead of Prop. 8.

                                                      But, these are exciting times! And, if my candidate wins, and a couple of propositions lose, I'm popping the NV Camille Sav├ęs this weekend! (Or, no matter what the outcome...)

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                                                      1. re: vickib

                                                        Thankfully I savored my champagne before the prop 8 results came in. Then I switched to whiskey. Maybe it was Bourbon; it kind of didn't matter.

                                                        1. re: SteveG

                                                          Agreed... and of course there were those who were toasting with ice cream in SLC... Arggh...

                                                      2. OK, the dust has cleared. It's "the day after," at least here in my little corner of the US.

                                                        I'm doing a Groth Napa Sauvignon Blanc, to be followed by my "just arrived" Biale Hillclimber Syrah tasting pack. Probably will hit at least one of those later to go with a lovely filet.

                                                        Wish that I'd had this Groth with me at a sushi spot in Denver (they used to have it on their list in the old days), as the only SB on the list now is a Kim Crawford. NZ SB is a lovely wine, but it just clashed with both the sushi and the tempura. Oh well, at least the sushi and tempura were as I remembered them.

                                                        The Groth is fruit-forward enough to handle the heat of a good wasabi, and still add that "squeeze of lemon" for the seafood. The grapefruit and herbal aspects of so many Marlborough SB's just doesn't do it for me and add the heat of the wasabi - just not my thing.

                                                        Soon, the Hillclimber...


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                                                        1. re: Bill Hunt

                                                          A friend of mine recently described the typical NZ SB as "like a whole grapefruit being run over by a lawnmower." That sounds about right.

                                                          1. re: Frodnesor

                                                            Couple days ago there was a tasting in LA of dozens of NZ wineries.
                                                            SB, PN, PG, Cabs, you name it.
                                                            Irrational exhuberance, to borrow our beloved ex-Fed chairman's austere expression.
                                                            However, I much prefer your friend's description, it brilliantly makes the point.

                                                            1. re: Frodnesor


                                                              That sounds like my wife's comment. Just WHO is your "friend?" No, I do agree, and enjoy these more on their own to begin an evening. When I start factoring in food, I'll usually head to Bdx., or to a domestic, depending on the food, but that is just my palate.

                                                              Thanks for the comment. I will share it with my wife - and watch her reaction very, very closely... [Grin]


                                                              1. re: Bill Hunt

                                                                I didn't end up drinking ANY wine that night because I came down with a wicked cold the day before the election. However, my wife enjoyed a shot of Glenfarclas 15 year aged single malt scotch, which she enjoyed very much.

                                                                1. re: anewton

                                                                  Oh, bummer! I had expected all sorts of esoteric wines out of you. We'll just have to continue this thread on Inauguration Night, or similar. Even with my strong Republican/conservative leanings, I can toast a new administration with the best of them. Matter of fact, tomorrow night, we're dining with the top members of the local Democratic Party, and I will toast their candidate, and be charming, as I can be.

                                                                  Get well and a really interesting thread.


                                                                2. re: Bill Hunt

                                                                  Unless your wife has a thick grey moustache, we're talking about two different people!

                                                                  1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                    No, no grey moustache. You have allayed my "fears." Thank you.