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Nov 1, 2008 03:09 PM

What will you be drinking on election night?

Is anyone planning on opening something special for election night? What are you planning to drink...bubbly? Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Barolo?

What do you plan to serve with your election night wine?

I have not decided yet but am hoping to make a special 'election night' dinner and serve it with a special election night wine. Of course, if my candidate loses, perhaps I will put a cork in it!

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      1. Depending on the outcome, it may be cyanide.......................

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        1. I'm expecting a too-close-for-comfort election night. I'll keep up my 'spirits' with Champagne, and hope my guys wins.

          1. hmmmm..I was planning on a nice bordeaux BUT..if the Commonwealth of VA goes the way I want it to...I think I will need to celebrate with a lovely VA wine! Any suggestions from fellow Virginians or those who partake of VA wine? I'm thinking a cab franc or viognier??

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              My friends and I checked out a number of the Northern VA vineyards last year and we liked Oasis' whites the best. Grey Ghost had some good whites too... generally we weren't impressed with the reds at any of the places we visited. Why not try a sparkling VA wine?

              1. re: jackthebulldog

                I agree about the reds. Sparkling wine, no matter what, unfortunately leaves me with a headache. I've had Grey Ghost, Barboursville, and Veritas. I liked them all. I think I will go for a Viognier...thanks!

              2. re: rHairing

                Veritas Vineyards has an excellent Cab. Franc and Viognier. I am also a huge fan of Pearmund Viognier, Barboursville Cab. Franc, Blenheim Viognier, or any White Hall Wines. Think Globally, Drink Locally!

                1. re: hhutchi25

                  I bought a Grey Ghost Victorian white.