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Nov 1, 2008 03:00 PM

College Kids at Carmines

I will have 10 college kids (mostly female) at Carmines in NYC next week. First, I know, it's not the best but it is touristy and fun and all... and we are tourists. So, what I really want to know is, does anyone have a suggested choice of which menu items to choose and amounts as the family service has me baffled as to how much will feed how many. Thanks local Chowhounders!

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  1. It's been a long time since I've eaten there (one usually ends up going if a friend is having a big group of people out to celebrate something), so I don't remember much about what we ate - but I wouldn't worry about how many things to order for your group size. The servers there can definitely guide you.

    1. Carmines will work well for the group, Things that can be quite good include the calmari, the caeser salad, and the chicken parmagania. I've had good, though very garlicy pasta. The servers are good with determining how much food to order. One thing that does make the food go around the table better is having someone at the table cut up some items (like the chicken and veal dishes) into smaller pieces. These often come out as 2 or 3 big pieces and if you are ordering numerous dishes they could easily give 10 people a small amount.

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        the ragout pasta is great for mixed meets with the pasta. It is very loud!

      2. I was there last week, the Lobster in the red sauce was amazing...

        Never a bad, meal enjoy!

        1. The tastiest ceasar for sure but don't miss the Chicken Scarperiello!!!!! The best you will ever have-trust me on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!