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Nov 1, 2008 02:41 PM

Help National Rice cooker instructions?

I found a really old National Rice cooker, cleaned it up like mint but have not manual.
It is a SR-CF05N with fuzzy logic.
It has a timer, settings for white rice, quick cook and porrige/congee.
I managed to make rice by selecting quick cook and start but I don't understand how the counter works now excactly how much time I should allow for White rice (long cook) vesus quick cook if I am planning dinner because the counter isn't a simple count down.
First it seems to count up then count down. Beats me.

Anybody has an one with the features I do and understand the counter?


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  1. Google returned model SR-CF05P. Don't know if this one is close to yours but here is the url for the manual download.
    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: Raymondo

      The one that Raymondo is talking about should be the same; Panasonic is distributed under several brands and National is probably the largest outside North America (Japan, China etc).
      The 'P' and 'N' at the end of the model # just signifies where it was sold under what brand name.


    2. Hooray! I knew someone on this site would save the day. I am so grateful. Thank you!!
      I found some other links on the panasonic site but they required payment to get a cd with the pdf file stating they no longer stored ones this old online.

      thanks and happy rice eating!!