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Nov 1, 2008 02:40 PM

Salsa Golf import place?

Probably reaching here but I went to Argentina this past summer and found they have their own condiments aside from ketchup and mayo called salsa golf (which maybe made from the two). I like the hellmans brand they had down there and I can't find it here in the states. Does anyone know any food importers in the city I may go and pick it up?

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  1. Je, salsa golf is the name Argentinians give to a simple Mayonnaise + Ketchup mixture. In Spain is called Salsa Rosa (pictoric metaphor) and in Puerto Rico is called MayoKetchup (very descriptive/straight forward). The base of the sauce is literally mayo + ketchup, and each country changes it a little. For example, In Spain they add a little bit of orange juice and is mostly mayo based. In Puerto Rico it's also mostly mayo based but the Puerto Rican version also has garlic. You can also add oregano. In Argentina the sauce has more ketchup than mayo and pimenton is added sometimes. I wouldn't buy it since it is very easy to make but if you insist, Ive seen versions in the Ctown Supermarket at Avenue C and 10 and in several supermarkets in Jackson Heights, in the South Bronx and in El Barrio.