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Nov 1, 2008 01:51 PM

English Toffee - Dark / Bittersweet Chocolate?

I love English toffee - truly one of my great downfalls. But I don't much care for milk chocolate / lighter chocolates and feel that their sweetness, combined with the sweetness of the toffee, is too overwhelming. Instead, I like a bittersweet or dark chocolate which contrasts and compliments the sweet toffee crunch.

I've been buying dark chocolate English toffee from See's, and am okay with that, but would like to venture further afield and support more local candy-makers.

Where I can I find this in the L.A. area?

(Hmmmmm - potential for an English toffee crawl, perhaps?)

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  1. See's has these peanut brittle bars coated with chocolate, i think it is dark, love them.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Even better, more of what the OP described, is See's dark chocolate "California Brittle".

      Delish, thick English Toffee squares, drenched in wonderful dark chocolate.

      Elsie, is this what you've been buying? Because if not, I think it's what you're looking for, and if so, I would think it would be what you're looking for.

      1. re: GK in SO

        you are so right! me, i am a milk chocolate california brittle, i was weened on it!

    2. What about making your own. It is easy, delicious, just the way you want it. I make some every year for the holidays. It is a coffee toffee, with cinamon and dark and white chocolate. OH YUM!!!

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      1. re: JEN10

        Never ate their toffee, but I've read before that Littlejohn's in the Farmer's Market makes excellent English toffee. Don't know if they make a dark chocolate version. Probably do, but give them a call. Here's a link to their toffee.

        1. re: Feed_me

          Littlejohns makes the best english toffee and it is very fresh. They make it several times a week and it is addicting. I think it is milk chocolate but it is worth it. I like dark chocolate but this is worth trying it.

          1. re: paprkutr

            littlejohns toffee is insane. i have to say that whenever i have it i wished it was less sugary. there is english toffee sold at the Pasadena FM on saturday mornings, and it may be dark chocolate. I'll check it out next weekend.

      2. In Burbank:

        it's not English toffee exactly, but it's dark-coated, and pretty dern GOOD!

        1. ...You will not find better toffee in the US! They even have dark chocolate, although I favor the milk chocolate.

          1. I second It's not local, but it transcends geography. Milk or semisweet chocolate.