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Nov 1, 2008 01:28 PM

Portland ME

Appreciated suggestions for dinner reservations. Our trip was late September. Had a good meal at 555, service, so so, wine list, fairly priced, food, good. Superb meal at Bresca, excellent service, unusal wines on list, food was creative and delicious and the chef was getting married the next day. A tiny dining room however. Street and Co. - should have stayed at the bar eating oysters and drinking martinis- dining room, hot, crowded and food, so so. Yummy fish sandwich and a Geary's ale at Portland Lobster Co. for lunch. Caiola's has a great Sunday brunch, better make a reservation- take home a polenta cookie. Check out Rabelais- foodie bookshop down the street from Bresca and next door to Hugo's which we will try next time. Also heard good things about Emilista and Evangeline. Portland is blessed with many fine restaurants, we shall return!

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  1. Chef Krista of Bresca married Chef Erik of Evangeline. If anyone remembers Bandol...same guy. He gives a superb dining "experience."

    1. Will definately try Bresca next trip~!
      thanks for the report!