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Nov 1, 2008 12:32 PM

Boca Raton = Town Center

Staying at the Holiday Inn Town Center next week and would appreciate recommendations for the general area. Previous visits we have done Marios, Abe & Louies, the fish restaurant in the strip mall and have ventured to 32 East. We enjoy restaurants where you have the option of eating at the bar. Not looking for very casual places or a tourist scene.

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  1. Opus 5, Morton's, Uncle Tais and Sushi Ray all in Boca Center. Also, Bova on Federal Hwy. Chops Lobster Bar and Lemongrass in Royal Palm Plaza.

    1. You can skip EVERYTHING in Boca Center. New York Prime for steaks, Bova for Italian, Lemongrass for Asian.

      1. I, personally, am not a fan of Bova... it's too chic for me and I am always concerned that the hostess may pass out from starvation. But that's a personal thing.

        Otherwise, I concur with the offered suggestions. I'd also like to add in Saporissimo for Tuscany Italian and (given the recent thread) I am throwing in Moquila for Mexican. The Grill can also be a nice place... Though, I don't know if these places are upscale enough for you...

        Good luck!

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. Ended up we had a minor problem with the rental car and couldn't get either Hertz location in Boca to replace it; both said they had no cars available. As a result we tended to stick close to the hotel which meant a couple of meals at Marios (very mixed - some dishes very good some disappointing). A meal at Abe & Louies (great crab cake but dough on filet wellington was raw so I sent it back - they said it was because I ordered the meat rare)

          Did Morton happy hour one night and it really is a deal; food is at happy hour prices adn we had great oysters, crab cakes and filet mignon sandwiches.

          Highlight of the trip though has to be Seasons 52, just off Glades Rd. Great food and a very interesting active crowd. Food highlights inlcuded Tuna Tartar with guacalmole, mushroom and pearl pasta soup, steak and mushroom flatbread, chile rellenos and crab and shrimp cocktail. Also, they bring out a selection of desserts in short glasses that were delicious and only $2.50 each. We dined there two nights and tried for a third but it was too crowded.