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Nov 1, 2008 12:05 PM

saltpeter/ptassium nitrate

Good Day,

I'm looking to corn some beef and am trying to locate some saltpeter aka potassium nitrate

I'm striking out at the local pharmacies. Anyone know of a place not too fat from Berkeley?


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  1. I thought corned beef was just soaked in a brine solution using NaCl and assorted other herbs and spices. Sodium Nitrate is for preserved meat. I believe the corn refers to the size of the crystals of salt used.

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      Potassium nitrate, like nitrites, preserves a pink color. You can certainly corn (right about the size of salt) but your meat will end up rather grey.

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        Doesn't seem to bother Sara Moulton.
        Apparently, you pays your money and you takes your chances. Nitrates for pinker meat but the possible risk or more salt and it's risk and greyer meat.

    2. Morton puts out a curing salt, but I've only seen it in stores in the midwest. You can order it online, but I should think local stores would carry it. Maybe a vendor in Berkeley Bowl could order it for you.

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        No need to do that. Here is previous pickling/curing thread.