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Nov 1, 2008 10:58 AM

Arancini, Supli, or Italian Rice Balls - Best?

Ever since Gus & Maria's Italian Delicatessen in deepest-darkest Scarberia closed a few years ago, I have been lusting for fresh Arancini or Supli, otherwise known as Italian rice balls. Their version had the meat, sauce and peas stuffing in a large cheesy rice ball cotaed with breadcrumbs and fried a crunchy mahogany brown.

Gus and Maria's was a common saturday morning ritual for my family for decades, the smell of the rice balls (as well as other treats like stuffed peppers, veal, cabbage rolls, etc.) would envelop the car and make the trip home excruciatingly exciting!

Anyone know of a place in Toronto (or North-York / Scarborough) where I can satisfy my longing?

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  1. I'll be watching the answers on this one. I've never seen anything remotely like Gus & Maria's since it closed. I have very fond memories of their wares. I assume the owners retired and moved out of the neighbourhood or I'd be tracking them down.

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      Hey, as a side note - if anyone knows or is related to Gus & Maria I'd give anything for the authentic recipe, and/or travel to wherever they are now :-)

    2. I know Magiacake (McCaul and Elm) sells arancini. I also like the panini, but I don't really know how authentic everything is.

      1. I haven't been there for a long time, but the rice ball with nice tomato sauce was my favourite lunch item at Centro di Fromaggio on St.Clair West. It's an Italian deli with a hot table and eating area at the back.

        These days, I have it on occasion at Cafe Brasiliano. They don't have the rice balls everyday and when they do they often sell out quickly. But you can always console yourself with a good macchato:)

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          The Healthy Butcher has them...fabulous...not always avail so call first...also Centro Formaggio on St Clair just West of Dufferin also has...also fab...Miranda

        2. Centro Formaggi has the best I have had out there so far. Not like homemade, but close. Do a google search for suppli or arancini and you will get loads of recipes.

          1. North Pole Bakery at Greenwood & Danforth has them. I can't comment on the relative quality because it's the only place I've ever had them, but they are as you describe and satisfying.

            North Pole Bakery
            1210 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA