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Nov 1, 2008 10:42 AM

Best turkey leg recipes!?

The turkey legs are starting to hit the stores at bargain prices!

I got a pack of them, so I would love it if you all would share your favorite recipes for turkey legs (or thighs too)! Slow cooker, BBQ, oven...... all recipes are welcomed!

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  1. I like to braise them with a can or two of mixed tomatoes and green chiles - season and then brown in oil in a heavy lidded pot, remove, stir in coarsely chopped onion and cook until beginning to brown, put the turkey back in, dump in the tomatoes, clamp on the lid and put it into a 350ยบ oven for about an hour. Sometimes I add quartered smallish potatoes and green beans about halfway through, and take it out when those are cooked. When I thought this up I was using plain canned Italian tomatoes, which works well too if you don't want it so spicy.

    These also make very good confit, if you're into that. Salt them very well and refrigerate for a couple of days, then rinse thoroughly, dry, and proceed with any good confit-making recipe.

    1. A couple of years ago, Mark Bittman, in the NYT, presented this recipe for "Turkey Braised with Cranberries" - it was fabulous!

      1. I've always wanted to try this one but never have: